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‘The Walking Dead’ season 7: Will Negan catch Carl?

On The Walking Dead season 7, episode 5, “Go Getters,” Carl and Jesus snuck into the Saviors truck. But will they get caught?

Living under Negan’s rule has been hard for everyone at Alexandria. Especially for Carl, who has had to watch his father wilt under the tyrant’s brutal rules. Upon initially meeting Negan, Carl kept a level head and accepted that he might be punished for his father’s attacks against the Saviors. One thing he couldn’t bear, though, was the group just laying down and accepting a future where they served Negan.

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It has always been the groups method of operation to fight back against anyone that tried to take what they had. It’s only natural that Carl would expect the same this time, despite the grim outcomes of their first meeting with Negan. More surprising is that Rick so quickly lays down at Negan’s feet and tries to earn his trust. Perhaps Rick really does believe this is the only way, or perhaps he’s just tired to having to fight so much. Either way, it’s not shocking that some are defiant and still want to combat Negan.


Even when Negan came to Alexandria for the first time, and Rick was letting the Saviors have their way, Carl stood tall against them. He even warned the Saviors that they would find out just how dangerous they all are. While Rick is afraid to say the wrong thing to Negan, Carl couldn’t care less.

This week on The Walking dead season 7, episode 5, “Go Getters,” Carl couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out where Negan lives. So when the Saviors went to the Hilltop, Carl snuck into the back of their truck. But he wasn’t the only one having those thoughts. After being asked by Sasha to follow them, Jesus also sneaks on the truck. But what will happen to them once they get back to the Sanctuary?

In the comics, Carl also hides in the Saviors truck, however he does it when they first come to Alexandria. He’s able to surprise several Saviors and kill them with his gun before Dwight attacks him. Instead of killing Carl, Negan actually starts to like him and tries to teach him their ways. It becomes clear that Negan believes Carl is heading down a dark path, and is intrigued that a child is so dangerous.

The Walking Dead V.18 Carl

Negan also has his fun with Carl by mocking his deformity, and threatening him with Lucille. However, Negan never actually hurts Carl while he has him. Once Rick arrives looking for Carl, Negan acts as though he did hurt Carl, and only after Rick attacks him, does he reveal that Carl is fine.

The newly released details for The Walking Dead season 7, episode 7, “Sing Me A Song” suggests that in that episode we’ll see the infamous scene where Negan has Carl close his eye and sing while Lucille is swung dangerously close by. The synopsis for the episode teases, “A deeper look at the Sanctuary and the world of the Saviors; members of Alexandria look for supplies.”

If you’re wondering how Rick knew Carl was with the Saviors, that’s where Jesus comes in. In the comics, Jesus had been following the Saviors to learn their location. When he goes to give the information to Rick, it’s revealed that Carl has gone missing along with one of Abraham’s guns. Once Jesus retells the story of hearing a gun go off, Rick is convinced that it’s Carl and they go after him.

The Walking Dead v18 Jesus

Since both Carl and Jesus are in the truck hiding this time, the storyline can’t follow the comics exactly. I’m guessing that Carl’s interactions with Negan will follow pretty closely with the comics. That means that either Jesus won’t get caught at all by the Saviors, or he will get caught and then escape. I’m guessing it’s more likely the first option, knowing all of Jesus’ skills. That would also prevent Negan from guessing that the communities might start working together.

It’s after this situation with the Saviors and Negan that Rick decides it’s time to fight back in the comics. If the writers of The Walking Dead want to make it more plausible that Rick changes his mind, they might have Carl’s trip to the Sanctuary more violent than the comics. After all, Rick told Michonne that his goal is to keep his family safe. If it seems like Negan is likely to hurt them anyways, it would make sense for Rick to fight back.

What do you think will happen to Carl on ‘The Walking Dead’?

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