10:06 pm EDT, March 9, 2014

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 13 recap: To Terminus

Tonight’s Walking Dead (season 4, episode 13) followed two groups of people and shook up who was with who. Our recap breaks down everything that happened!


The episode began with a flashblack montage of Bob on his own walking through the woods and looking defeated. He runs into Daryl and Glenn, who give him the Rick-approved line of questioning about his apocalypse life.

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha

In present day we’re in a scene where Bob, Maggie, and Sasha are fighting a group of zombies. Hitting train tracks, they come across one of the signs pointing towards Terminus. Bob and Maggie are immediately interested in following the path to the sanctuary, while Sasha takes a little more convincing.

Maggie heads out on her own for Terminus and leaves a message in blood for Glenn to hopefully see. She wants to make sure she meets him there. Bob and Sasha follow behind Maggie and later come across this message she left for Glenn. They continue following her, but Sasha decides to make camp at a building that they come across. Bob doesn’t want to stay because Maggie is out there “alone.” They don’t part ways until after they share a nice kiss.

Sasha heads up into the empty building she scoped out. While looking out one of the windows, she sees Maggie lying asleep on the ground outside. Sasha gets closer to the window to get a better look and accidentally pushes it out, making the window shatter on the ground and waking all the zombies around Maggie.

Sasha and Maggie team up to successfully fight off the zombies. After a pep talk, they decide to head out to catch up to Bob (which they do) and head to Terminus.

Daryl and Beth

Daryl is teaching Beth how to track and use a crossbow. She walks over a trap and hurts her foot, so she’s now riding on Daryl’s back (aww). They come across a cemetery and see the tombstone of a “beloved father.” They hold hands and reflect.

Next they head into the funeral home, and the cleanliness of the abode suggests that someone still takes care of it. They spend the night there, and Daryl is pleased by Beth’s singing and piano playing. Interestingly, during this entire episode and the last, we’ve been seeing Beth learn how to be tougher (with her training) and Daryl how to be friendlier (enjoying moments like Beth playing music, carrying Beth, burning down the house).

When talk turns to leaving a thank you note for the people who’ve kept the funeral home in order, Daryl suggests they stay and thank them in person. “So you do think there are good people around… what changed your mind?” Beth asks. It was you, Beth! But the nice moment is interrupted by a slew of zombies at the door. He tells Beth to head outside while he fights them off, and after making his escape, he sees someone driving away in a car. Was it Beth? Did someone grab her? It obviously wouldn’t be like her to peel out of there without him.

Defeated, Daryl goes on a long walk and eventually sits on the ground in exhaustion. A new group led by a guy named Joe comes up to him, and it looks like they’ll be teaming up.

To Terminus

At the very end of the episode, we see Glenn come across a Terminus sign. Like Maggie predicted, he’ll likely head that way.

A preview for next week shows that Tyreese and Carol will take center stage. Could this be the episode where Carol comes clean about her slew of murders?

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