We don’t have an air date for The Walking Dead season 4, episode 1 premiere, but as of today we do have a title!

The Walking Dead season 4’s premiere episode is called “30 Days Without an Accident,” according to TV Line.

The name for the first episode in the zombie show’s fourth outing is surprisingly detailed and can lead one to develop a few different theories as to what the title means.

The obvious first guess is that “30 Days Without an Accident” suggests that The Walking Dead season 4 will begin exactly a month into a period at the prison whereby there hasn’t been a zombie attack for thirty days. You may recall that season 3 ended with Rick welcoming many new people into the prison, and there was a sense of a new leaf being turned.

In broader terms, it looks like The Walking Dead season 4 will pick up roughly a month after season 3 ended and prove to us that Rick and the gang have been able to put their new group of friends into a comfortable and safe environment. Perhaps the additional people, who previously took shelter at Woodbury under rule of The Governor, will help keep the prison on a lockdown period that can last such a long time (30 days is impressive in an apocalypse).

It’s not an episode of The Walking Dead for viewers unless there’s a zombie attack, so we’re sure the premiere episode will include a fight to the death with a brain eater and thus the “accident free” countdown will be reset.

The Walking Dead season 4 will premiere this October on AMC. The cast and crew will host a panel with fans at San Diego Comic-Con next week, and we expect the network to unveil the first footage and air date for season 4 at Comic-Con.

Check out the first poster for season 4 with four of the show’s lead stars (including Michonne riding a horse).

Thanks, TV Line.

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