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SDCC: ‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 trailer teases Michonne, Carol’s journey, more

The Walking Dead season 10 is still a few months away but the trailer has made its way to the fandom and it certainly has people talking.

The Walking Dead has been a major staple at San Diego Comic-Con for several years and it is almost a yearly custom for the trailer to drop during the cast and crew’s massive panel in Hall H. This year was no different with a trailer that dove a bit into what fans can expect in season 10.

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Of course, there are no hints about Michonne’s fate (Though it was confirmed at their panel that this would be her last season) nor a Maggie appearance, but that can be expected considering that the trailer usually only covers the first few episodes out of a 16-episode season.

After all, a trailer can’t give away too much of the plot and has to be careful to sidestep any major spoilers, right? And, if fans were wondering about Michonne’s appearance in the Rick Grimes movies, they will have to keep waiting because that teaser literally gave us ZERO information.

But, there’s just enough for fans to re-watch, analyze, and dissect before The Walking Dead season 10 debuts on October 6.

Here are the revelations, observations, and WTF moments that showed up in The Walking Dead Season 10 trailer.

Carol wants to leave (again)?

In the clip, Carol and Daryl consider leaving the community and either heading out West or getting on a boat and sailing away. Honestly, it isn’t a bad idea considering that they only get small spurts of peace between fighting the next Big Bad, but fans are over Carol going back and forth.

If you want to leave, then go head girl – we love you but this is honestly getting old. This world is honestly bad everywhere and the chances of her finding a little cottage to hole up in is slim to none.

Of course, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride have signed lengthy contracts to stay in the franchise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one (or both) of them can’t appear in a mini-series of spin-off, which still isn’t likely with Michonne leaving this season.

This won’t make Donnie or Carzekiel shippers happy, but Caryl fans probably aren’t happy either because they referred to each other as best friends.

She should absolutely make those friendship bracelets. Either way, someone one has to lose and Carol has to make a choice if she wants to stay with this group of leave.

Michonne and Ezekiel…kiss?

Nope. Nah. NOOOOOO. This is not the content anyone asked for at all. It’s true that Michonne and Ezekiel were together in the comics, but there is no way that this makes any sense in the TV show.

Yes, it’s been six years since Rick left, but Michonne has still been openly mourning his death and she has a working relationship with Ezekiel at best. It’s not clear if this is really a moment of true passion, if Ezekiel just kissed Michonne out of nowhere and she’s not really into it, or if she is just needed to feel something after so many years alone.

Granted, she’s doing a lot better than Lori, who slept with Rick’s bestie VERY shortly after he was presumably dead, but Richonne fans want the apocalypse royal couple together again in the apocalypse. Give us what we deserve AMC.

Michonne looks like a badass

This is a given. Michonne is riding horses, slaying walkers, wielding what looks like Lucille, and just looking like the leader that we all know she is.

The show honestly won’t be the same without her and hopefully she will get the sendoff that she deserves. DO NOT KILL MICHONNE. PLEASE.

Michonne also notes that fear is dangerous and can drive the communities apart and she says they have to weather this storm (aka The Whisperers) to get to the other side.

It’s not clear if she will be leaving mid-season or will be there through the end, but either way it’s going to be heartbreaking to see such an important and pivotal character leave the series.

Rosita, the baby, Siddiq, and Eugene

From what we can see in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer, it looks like the weird situation between Siddiq, Rosita, Father Gabriel, and Eugene has somehow stabilized. Rosita and Siddiq are seen snuggling their child, whom we can’t tell is a boy or a girl just yet.

There isn’t much interaction between Father Gabriel and Rosita, mostly because Father Gabriel is trying to bring Negan (hey, they let him out) and Aaron together for fighting purposes, so perhaps their relationship is done. Eugene is also seen examining the baby in a cute moment as well as killing walkers beside Rosita….and he obviously hears a voice on the radio.

It’s the soap opera drama of the show for sure, but please give Rosita more to do than be caught in a love affair because she’s a boss.

Negan is a part of the community

There’s nothing like saving Judith to help a man be accepted in society again. Negan is out and messing with everyone right now.

He has a war of words with Daryl, tells Lydia to watch her back, and interacts with Michonne as well, so it looks like he’s a full-fledged Alexandrian now. This lines up with Negan’s comic arc and it will be interesting to see how his story during this latter half of the Whisperer arc lines up with the source material.

Alpha is back in action

She has a confrontation with Carol and warns everyone that there are consequences for crossing her border. So, expect more people to die this season (looking at you Father Gabriel).

Her accent is still the worst but she’s definitely not one to be played with so this fight will be a great one to watch. And, with Lydia picking up Morgan’s aikido moves, it’s going to be an even more interesting battle.

Of course, the bulk of that action won’t go down until later in the season, but hopefully this Whisperer stuff will be over sooner than later.

Hello Oceanside…you’re still alive

Oh hello random group of women whom we haven’t seen in a while. So glad you are still alive. Oceanside is obviously back, as hinted by the little girls running on the beach, boats, water, and our group’s presence as they ride their horses into the opening of the community.

Are they looking for extra hands in the war? Or, has Alpha found a way to terrorize Cyndie and her people?

It will be interesting to see how they have been doing and if they really come into play during this war.

The relationships (and ships are back)

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer features Magna and Yumiko riding horses and looking hot under candle light. And, there are a few Donnie moments that will make anyone smile.

Connie and Daryl were a match made in heaven last season but it’s a little worrisome that he is thinking about taking off on his bike and leaving her behind. Perhaps the feels aren’t as strong as everyone would like, but maybe something will happen to draw them even closer together.

After all, he’s going to need a smart and savvy partner-in-survival if he ever wants to be a leader.

Other random observations include a lot of spiked armor (including Aaron’s ball spike on the end of his arm), a walker rising up out of water (oh nooo), Siddiq’s head being dunked into water, and painting “Silence The Whisperers” all over everything. What does that really mean?

Hmmm. There’s a lot for fans to dissect in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer and it will all become clear when the season drops this fall.

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