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What should (and shouldn’t) happen in ‘The Walking Dead’ Rick Grimes movie trilogy

Walking Dead fans have a ton to buzz about during the show’s winter break.

What is up with the X on Michonne and Daryl’s back? How long has it been since Maggie left? Why is everyone mad at Michonne? What’s going to happen now that the Saviors are on the scene?

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And, those are just the shows about the television series. Now, there’s an entire new medium of The Walking Dead to ponder because Rick Grimes is getting his own trilogy of movies after flying off in that elusive helicopter to parts unknown with annoying Jadis.

There are a ton of things that should and should NOT happen in the Rick Grimes films. Let’s break down some of the possibilities:

What should happen

It’s pretty obvious that the first movie will have to establish where Rick Grimes is and what made him stay in this new community for over six years. How far is it from Alexandria? What has Rick been doing for the past six years?

What kind of person is he without his family? What is an A and B person? There are a ton of questions that absolutely have to be addressed in these movies.

The popular fan theory is that Rick likely suffered some memory loss when he was thrown from the bridge in that explosion that should have killed him in the first place. That makes sense, especially since Rick is the type of guy who would do anything to be back with his family.

It would be cool to see him start to regain his memories with flashes back to moments throughout his journey. But, the trilogy as a whole should show Rick’s eventual journey to get back to his family.

Perhaps Rick starts to recover his memory by the end of the first movie and makes his way back to Alexandria in the last two installments. It would be interesting to see what his journey is like along the way.

Or, maybe Michonne somehow ends up in this new place and inadvertently finds Rick, similar to how she reunited with her daughter at the Commonwealth in the comics. Either way, these two absolutely have to reunite because Rick has an entire son he needs to meet.

And, I hope Jadis is still alive so she can catch a fade by Michonne for keeping her man away for over six years. Yes, she saved Rick’s life, but why wouldn’t she make her way back to tell his beloved friends and family that he was still alive.

There’s still something fishy about Jadis and she needs a punch to the face. The only interesting thing about Jadis being there is that it will give some context into how this community operates and how she got caught up with them in the first place.

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Heath show up in this community at some point. It was confirmed by Angela Kang that Heath was taken by this same community so he still be alive and at this location.

Of course, the movie would have to explain how Heath and Rick managed to avoid each other for six years. Maybe Rick has been confined to some specific area of the community and Heath was elsewhere.

Or, maybe Heath didn’t recognize Rick at first for some reason. Stranger things have happened on this show – remember Morales and his nonsense return? Heath could be the key to reminding Rick about who he is, where he came from, and how to get home.

He may like it in this new community and not want to return back to Virginia with Rick, which makes sense because no one looked for poor Heath anyway.

Finally, Rick needs some resolution with a few people, especially Maggie. Things ended on a bad note with Rick “dying” while trying to stop Maggie from doing something dumb, so they need to clear the air.

The chances of Maggie and Daryl apologizing for their actions is slim, but it could happen when they discover that Rick is still alive.

What should NOT happen

Rick and Jadis have been hanging out for six years. I don’t care if Rick has memory loss, he better NOT have started any type of romantic relationship with Jadis – or anyone else.

It would be a slap in the face to Richonne fans who have been invested in this relationship for YEARS and just plain weird. Don’t do it.

Rick also should not simply have decided that he doesn’t want to go back home. There is no way that Rick would abandon his family and friends simply because he needed a break from being a leader.

Some major obstacle or conflict is preventing him from returning back home and it has to be more than him wanting to escape or help this group of survivors.

There shouldn’t be any type of government experimentation type of deal in these movies either. Rick is not a guinea pig and the introduction of science elements will likely not be handled well by the Gimple creative team.

The Walking Dead hasn’t been about finding a cure for a long time, so there is no need to back track and go down that route now. And, PLEASE don’t let this community be somewhere ridiculous like another country. NO. NOOOO.

A ton of fans inexplicably want to see Rick lose his hand. Why? Aaron has clearly taken that part of Rick’s comic storyline and there is no need for Rick to suffer more than he already has, especially if these people have been somehow holding him hostage or if he has been suffering from memory loss.

And, Rick absolutely cannot die before he is reunited with his crew. None of that dying in Michonne arms as soon as they see each other again or right before he makes it home either. Again, don’t do it AMC.

Crossovers and expansions are a thing in this universe, but there’s really no need to bring over any Fear people into Rick’s movie path unless it’s Morgan who somehow runs into him on the way back to Alexandria.

There’s so many possibilities with these movies and hopefully Rick’s story will be handled well and in a way that makes a fair amount of sense. No matter what, we are invested and will be watching it all go down.

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