11:30 am EDT, November 2, 2015

‘The Walking Dead’ fans react hilariously to Tabitha the goat

Last night on The Walking Dead fans finally got to learn what Morgan was up to after Rick left him, but the real star of the episode was Tabitha the goat.

Morgan told the story of how he went from crazy killer to peaceful lover last night on The Walking Dead. While looking for something to kill, Morgan stumbled upon a goat and her fearsome protector Eastman. Eastman turned out to be a vegetarian, who believes that all lives are precious, especially Tabitha the goat.

In the quick span of one episode, Tabitha the goat managed to capture the hearts of all The Walking Dead fans and they weren’t afraid to show it on social media.

There were those who only seemed to care about Tabitha’s fate



Those that were heartbroken at Tabitha’s demise





And those who just wanted Tabitha back




And the nonsense we couldn’t stop laughing at

Rest in Peace Tabitha, we will always remember you.

How did you feel about Tabitha and Eastman on ‘The Walking Dead’?

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