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‘The Walking Dead’ fanfic writers you should check out

The most powerful aspect of a fandom outside of community building is the creative exploits that result from the fans’ love of a series or comic.

Fan art, t-shirts, conventions, and cosplay are just a few ways that fans combine their talent with sheer passion for their favorite things. But, some people forget about the impact of fanfiction.

It’s a challenging and time-consuming pursuit to take existing characters and rewrite their destinies by giving them stories that fans wish they saw in canon or placing them into alternate universes (AU). And, the only payment that most fanfic writers get comes in the form of high praise from their fellow fans.

There’s a sea of people attempting to deliver great fanfic, but only a few of them truly rise to the top. Thankfully, The Walking Dead fandom has a lot of great writers delivering hours of content that will satisfy even the most skeptical fans who don’t think these stories can enhance their enjoyment of the franchise.

Here are a few great Walking Dead fanfic writers:


Fanfic.net is a major hub of all things fanfiction related, and that’s where Walking Dead lovers can find cakebythepound. She’s a brilliant writer and Richonne lover who has concocted a ton of steamy NSFW stories about Rick and Michonne like “Say Yes.”

She has also taken the characters outside of the apocalypse and brought them together for friendship trips (“Palm Trees”) as well as new timelines where they meet under interesting circumstances.


This author has several one-off stories that bring characters who have never met in the comics and/or TV show together like Andre (Michonne’s deceased TV son) and Judith.

There’s a mix of AU and stories that fill in some gaps between TV episodes, and they are all wonderful and (mostly) short reads. “Honey Bees,” “Fireproof,” and “It’s Quiet Uptown” are a few of her stories that are approved for all age groups.

Many of the stories tackle moments that fans wish they had seen on TV, like Michonne’s conversation with Rick about her Andre.


Archive of Our Own is another fanfiction hub with plenty of Walking Dead content. Check out CharlotteAshmore, who produces longer works that make other characters like Daryl and Carol the main protagonists.

It’s interesting to see stories told from alternate perspectives because it gives the reader a chance to really get into their heads. Caryl shippers will also get the action they have been craving on the show for years.


FikFreak hasn’t put out a ton of material, but the few stories on Fanfic.net are great. The content and language can be NSFW, but Richonne lovers will adore these stories, especially “Find My Way Back.”

It’s a Richonne heavy fic that follows their romantic journey. But, be warned that these stories have material that is strictly for grown up eyes only.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Rick and the crew were college kids? If so, then you should check out “Humidity” by this fanfic writer.

It’s so much fun to see Richonne as best friends alongside Sasha, Shane, Glenn, and Maggie. Bringing characters together from different eras of the show (like Shane and Sasha) and putting them in a fun situation is a cool take on familiar characters.

There’s also an interesting story that follows Rick in his former occupation as a Sheriff’s Deputy. And, this writer has a lot of additional material that expands on characters’ backstories (in an AU) and provides great entertainment.

Who are your fave ‘Walking Dead’ fanfic creators?

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