We’ve reached the fifth and final day of our exclusive interview with The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd. Looking forward to Sunday’s midseason premiere, Hurd shares with Hypable the decision to bring in Tyreese, and Andrea’s complexity.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead comics, you had probably been wondering for the first two and a half seasons of the show, “Where is Tyreese?”

One of Rick’s most trusted allies, Tyreese is a strong character and fan-favorite from the comics, but he was only just recently added into the AMC series. Tyreese comes into the picture pretty early on in the comics, but we had to wait a little while to see him on our TV screens.

Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer for The Walking Dead, shared with Hypable that there was always the intention to bring in Tyreese, and his storyline fit perfectly with the course of action in December’s midseason finale.

“We’d always planned to bring in Tyreese this season, and as it turned out, that storyline coincided with that particular episode, so it worked out perfectly. You know something to keep fans’ interest piqued until we start it up again.”

We were thrilled to see Tyreese in episode 3×08 “Made to Suffer,” as we’re sure many of you were. Fan interest is definitely at an all time high, especially with the introduction of this new major character.

Walking Dead Tyreese

Another character who has caused a lot of discussion is Andrea. She seems to be frustrating fans with her unwillingness to see the Governor’s flaws. Hypable recently published an article on why we like the Andrea from the comics better, and a Hypable reader submitted a post in defense of Andrea. Opinions are mixed, so we had to ask Gale Anne Hurd what she thought about Andrea’s character.

“Well obviously I don’t only see her through the lens of the character and the comic book, but also through Laurie Holden who brings her to life, and I know that she has a very complex approach to why she does what she does. Which you’ll just have to keep watching to find out what that means.”

While we hoped that Andrea would meet back up with the prison group at some point, Hurd couldn’t give us any spoilers and simply commented, “You never know!”

Walking Dead Andrea

It’s true that with AMC’s The Walking Dead, viewers never do know what is going to happen next. The ruthless nature of the show means that anything could happen to any of the characters at any time, and fans always have to be prepared to say goodbye to their favorite characters.

Thank you so much to The Walking Dead executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd, for taking the time to speak with Hypable and share some of her thoughts on one of our favorite TV series.

What do you think Sunday’s return of ‘The Walking Dead’ will bring?

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