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‘The Walking Dead’ Eugene Porter quotes: ‘I’ve changed, adapted, I’m a survivor’

Eugene started off lying big time to Abraham and Rick. Here’s a look back on our favorite The Walking Dead Eugene Porter quotes.

Eugene Porter survived the outbreak of walkers by lying about his abilities to Abraham Ford. In order to gain protection, Eugene made it seem as though he was a scientist with the ability to save them all. In return, Abraham just had to get him to Washington, D.C. But the closer they got, and the more people Eugene had to lie to, the less courage he had.

Once the truth came out that Eugene wasn’t who he said he was, Abraham nearly killed him. However, they eventually made up and Eugene had to find another way to become useful. Although Eugene is extremely intelligent, weapons are not his forte and his people skills are limited.

Eugene could be the key to the group producing things for themselves, rather than relying on scavenging, if only they can get the resources needed.

‘The Walking Dead’ Eugene Porter quotes:

  • Abraham: So you tell me how in the holy hell did you possibly kill this truck?
    Eugene: A fully amped-up state and an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons.
    –4×11 “Claimed”
  • Eugene: After I save the world, I still have to live with myself. I’m not leaving them behind.
    –4×15 “Us”
  • Eugene: You’re both good people. And I have to say, you are seriously hot, Tara.
    Tara: Yeah, I like girls.
    Eugene: I’m well aware of that.
    –4×15 “Us”
  • Eugene:He’s a persistent son of a bitch, saving the world is just more important. I’m well aware it sounds bananas. But looking at the fossil record, knowing what I know about this infection, you cannot say for certain it isn’t what killed off the dinosaurs. Now, do I believe that’s what happened? No. But it’s enjoyable as hell to think about an undead ankylosaur going after a diplodocus. That there is a video game worth a pre-order.
    –4×15 “Us”
  • Eugene: I was part of a 10-person team at the Human Genome Project to weaponize diseases to fight weaponized diseases. Pathogenic microorganisms with pathogenic microorganisms. Fire with fire. Interdepartmental drinks were had, relationships made, information shared. I am keenly aware of the all details behind fail-safe delivery systems to kill every living person on this planet. I believe with a little tweaking on the terminals in D.C., we can flip the script. Take out every last dead one of them. Fire with fire. All things being equal, it does sound pretty badass.
    –5×01 “No Sanctuary”
  • Maggie: How long will it be? After you get on that terminal and do what you have to do?
    Eugene: Depends on a number of factors including density of the infected around target sites worldwide.
    Glenn: Wait, target sites? Are you talking about missiles?
    Eugene: That’s classified.
    Glenn: I thought we were over that.
    Eugene: What if we all live?
    Glenn: The secrets will matter then?
    Eugene: They might. Anyway, the speed with which things normalize depend on a number of factors including worldwide weather patterns, which were modeled without the assumption that cars, planes, boats, and trains wouldn’t be pouring hydrocarbons into the atmosphere this long. Changed the game quite a bit when it comes to air-transmissible pathogens.
    –5×05 “Self Help”
  • Glenn: Why the hair?
    Eugene: Because I like it, and no one is takin’ a scissor or clipper to it anytime soon. Do you hear me, Ms. Espinosa?
    Rosita: Yes, loud and clear.
    Eugene: Y’all can laugh all you want.
    Maggie: No one was makin’ fun.
    Eugene: The smartest man I ever met happened to love my hair. My old boss, T. Brooks Ellis, the director of the Human Genome Project. He said my hair made me look like, and I quote, a fun guy, which I am. I just ain’t Samson.
    –5×05 “Self Help”
  • Eugene: If that’s a trap, we already happen to be in it. But I for one, would like to think it is indeed from a friend.
    Carol: What if it isn’t. They put something in it?
    Rosita: Eugene!
    Tara: What are you doing, man?
    Eugene: Quality assurance.
    –5×10 “Them”
  • Eugene: So you’re aware, I’m on record as stating that I should not be here. You well know that I’m not combat ready or even for that matter combat inclined.
    Tara: You never are ’til you are. But you got to start pulling your weight. You know, I did. What?
    Eugene: All things being equal, I do believe my weight’s been pulled. I got you all to DC, which, in this man’s opinion, is damn near Nirvana by current standards.
    Tara: Except you didn’t get us here, we got you here.
    Eugene: But were it not for me and my mention of this city’s potential for home and heart, not a one of you would have had the vision to come here, let alone the cajónes to travail such a fraught and punishing pilgrimage. And that, sister, is a fact. That’s as cold and hard as they come.
    Tara: You really that much of a coward?
    Eugene: Yes, I am. I told you I was.
    –5×14 “Spend”
  • Denise: You’re my first patient, and with that symptom I’m pretty sure I can’t kill you.
    Eugene: I mean, it is possible if you miss, like, a hematoma or something.
    –6×02 “JSS”
  • Eugene: Right behind you.
    Rosita: Eugene, you don’t have to.
    Eugene: That’s incorrect. I do. No one gets to clock out today. And, hell, this is a story people are gonna tell.
    –6×09 “No Way Out”

  • Eugene: I mapped out some of the agricultural supply places in the area. Even if they’ve been cleaned out, my bet is the sorghum would be untouched. Now, that there is a criminally underrated grain that could change the game of our food situation from scary to hunky-dunky. I’m talking stand-ability, drought tolerance, grain-to-stover ratio that is the envy of all corns. Think about it.
    –6×10 “The Next World”
  • Eugene: The key to survival is allowing oneself to be shaped by the assigned environment. In doing so, a broad range of capabilities are acquired, allowing one to flip the script and use said capabilities to shape said environment for maximum longevity. I’m saying I’m in the process of said stage two. I’ve changed, adapted, I’m a survivor.
    –6×14 “Twice As Far”
  • Eugene: I know I can be of some help. Now’s the time and here’s the place. Don’t shine me. I’ll be your anchorman, yes, I damn will.
    –6×16 “Last Day On Earth”

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