6:30 pm EDT, March 11, 2013

‘The Walking Dead’ 3×14 ‘Prey’ first look: Andrea, Tyreese, Milton set to conspire

The Walking Dead 3×14 “Prey” will begin to increase the pressure as it heads into the season 3 finale, with Andrea, Tyreese, and Milton set to corrupt The Governor’s plans.

The Walking Dead is beginning to enter its final stages of this season, with the clocking ticking down until The Walking Dead season 3 finale, an event for which fans will have been waiting for quite some time. With 3×14 “Prey” right around the corner, what will fans be expecting this Sunday?

What fans can expect is the pendulum beginning to swing in Rick’s momentum, with the aid of old friend, Andrea, the fringe character of Tyreese, and in The Governor’s closest ally, Milton, who are set to cause all sorts of disruption to The Governor’s plans.

We revealed yesterday that the synopsis for 3×14 “Prey” could contain, “The Governor chases a fleeing dissenter; while the Governor is gone, a traitor tries to sabotage his plans.” “Dissenter” being the noun here, we can only assume it’s one person, and judging by the promo clips we think it’s Andrea; but could it be Milton, secretly? We’ve provided three sneak peeks down below.

Upon watching the first clip, Andrea, who is arguably one of the aces in the hole this series, is perfectly poised to cause disruption in 3×14 “Prey.” She knows both groups of people, knows Woodbury, and in being close with The Governor, could she be the “dissenter”?

Andrea says, “I have to stop this!” to which Milton replies, “I don’t think you can!” But as the clip progresses, The Governor is not happy with Milton, and is seen grabbing him by his collar and pushing him. What has Milton said and done? However, Andrea is tinkering with plans when speaking to Tyreese saying, “The Governor is not what he seems to be.” She’s evidently hatching a plan and trying to dissolve the feud, but could Andrea and Milton pull it off? Andrea closes the preview by stating, “I have to kill him.” She’s creating her own destiny here.

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Andrea is at it once more, and this time she is eagerly preying on a torture room, in which we can assume this is probably where Milton is heading. His voice is trembling at the sight of the room, the chair and the tools, whilst Andrea is calm with a clear conscience as they watch from above. Andrea is focused on killing The Governor, even when Milton says, “You won’t get close to him…they’ll gun you down first.” Andrea is quick to reply with, “Only if they see me coming.” What do you think Andrea’s plan is?

The third and final clip that has been released focuses solely on Tyreese and Sasha attempting to brush off some rust by shooting a Walker. Tyreese is awful with his rifle, but the fringe character has floated from being sidelined by Rick to the realms of Woodbury. Andrea warns Tyreese and Sasha about The Governor in the first clip, but they seem to be incredibly relaxed here. What will Tyreese and Sasha add to the mix of 3×14 “Prey”?

The Walking Dead‘s season 3 finale draws ever closer with 3×14 “Prey” airing this Sunday over on AMC at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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