Earlier today BuzzFeed Entertainment released some exclusive photos of The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere, “The Suicide King,” and — oh gosh — they’re doozies! Warning, reading ahead may lead to spoilers!

With the big day coming up rapidly for The Walking Dead‘s return following a hiatus, it’s no surprise that we’re all hungry for as much information as possible about what could be in store for episode 9 and beyond. Fortunately, BuzzFeed Entertainment got their hands on some brand new stills for the upcoming installment, and they’re good.

In the first photo Rick, Daryl and Merle are seen carrying assault rifles by some big trucks. The first thing that comes to mind is “Daryl and Merle have made it!” shortly followed by “Errr… Daryl and Merle have made it.”

This leads us to believe that somehow Merle and Daryl have managed to escape from the Governor and Woodbury’s murderous grips in the screamer pits. Perhaps with the aid of Rick? But what might be in store for the trio? Surely it’s not going to be plain sailing from there, and from what we’ve seen in the promos for episode 9, it doesn’t look like the Governor will be letting anything go without putting up a fight. Rick for certain is locked in his sights, albeit now minus an eye with thanks to Michonne.

Photo two is a brilliant close up of the gorgeous Lauren Cohan as Maggie. Her facial expression is what we’re most drawn to, though. Is that fear? Concern? Disbelief? Shock? Whatever it is, it’s not a happy face. What might she be looking at to make her react like that? Could Glenn be in trouble?

The final image is of all four of the characters featured in the other photos, Rick, Daryl, Merle and Maggie. The group appear to be moving quickly and strategically, each of them alert and keeping an eye out for walkers and enemy humans alike. In this shot, everyone bar Merle is armed, despite in picture one Merle also being equipped with a gun. Why might this be? And if Merle is planning on joining ranks with the prison group, how will he affect the balance?

All we know is episode 9 of The Walking Dead is not going to be one to miss! Tune in to AMC this Sunday Feb. 10, 9/8 PT/ET for the mid-season comeback.

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