This week’s Instant Save voting made history, proving every vote counts, and has likely given some fans a major case of “what if.”

Guest Performances

Jason DeRulo

On a night full of great performances, Jason DeRulo was the first to take the stage, performing his hit “Want to Want Me.” He was joined for the performance by Team Christina’s India Carney and Kimberly Nichole. It was Jason’s show, but India and Kimberly were having a blast, especially Kimberly, when Jason “got up next to her” during the performance.

Rozzi Crane

Adam’s protégée Rozzi Crane took the stage to perform her single “Psycho.” Not only does she have a very cool name, but she is also a really cool performer, and “Psycho” is a great song. She’s got a great voice, and it’s really a shame she’s not actually a contestant on The Voice, because we’d really like to vote for her.

Lee Brice

Lee Brice brought his hit “Drinking Class” to The Voice, and season 8’s token country boy, Corey Kent White, got to join him onstage for the performance. Whereas Kimberly and India served more as backup/featured performers in Jason DeRulo’s performance, Lee Brice was gracious enough to turn this performance into a duet with Corey. What an exciting opportunity, especially since Corey totally nailed it. He certainly proved he’d fit right in on country radio.


Throughout the show, Carson revealed the saved contestants, and in the end, we learned that Hannah Kirby, Corey Kent White, and India Carney were this week’s bottom three. This was bad news for Blake, coach for both Hannah and Corey, and whose team has remained intact up until this point. Christina also stood to lose India, one of her two remaining contestants. Fortunately, each contestant got the chance to perform in a last-ditch attempt to blow America away.

Last Chance Performances

Hannah Kirby

For her last chance performance, Hannah made the interesting choice of performing a song we are all, frankly, sick of hearing by this point: Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.” She sounded great, of course, but part of what has made Hannah stand out is that she has made interesting song choices, and then put her own Hannah spin on them. It’s surprising that she would choose this song when she really needed to win over America. Plus, she looked like she was cosplaying Delta Burke from Designing Women.

Corey Kent White

Unlike a lot of young artists, Corey has a great concept of exactly who he wants to be as an artist, and the kind of music he wants to perform. Because of this, Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” was a great choice. He sounded totally natural singing the country hit, and his smooth voice was just as enjoyable as Keith Urban. It likely won’t be long until we’re hearing them side-by-side on country radio.

India Carney

There is no question that India Carney has an incredible voice, but her problem in the competition has been developing a connection with the audience. This made her choice of Christina Perri’s “Human” for her last chance performance very appropriate. But once again, while she sounded beautiful singing the words, “I’m only human,” it still seemed like too much of a robotic, emotionless, performance.

Instant Save

When Carson opened up the #VoiceSave window, it was pretty clear early on that this was going to be a battle between Corey and India. Sorry, Hannah. Corey edged out India by at least two percentage points the entire time the results were onscreen, but when Carson revealed the results, things ended up turning out in India’s favor. However, we later learned that in the closest Voice Save vote ever, India won by only two votes. TWO VOTES! Out of millions! So now each and every non-voting Corey fan has to live with that guilt.

What did you think of this week’s super-close Instant Save results on ‘The Voice’?

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