10:30 am EDT, January 18, 2012

‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers: Klaus’ dinner party, romantic past

Curious to learn more about what’s coming up for Klaus in the next few Vampire Diaries episodes? Read some intriguing spoilers here!

TV Guide reports that we’ll soon learn about Klaus’ former lover! Joseph Morgan reveals:

We’re going to learn more about his past and what would’ve made him so closed-off. The one thing he has to learn how to do is trust; he doesn’t have it in him at the moment. Because of the betrayal of his family, his father, and everybody who’s abandoned him he started to build friendships and relationships based on fear and anger instead. If he can learn to trust, then he has a chance at loving again.

Loving with Caroline, perhaps? Many fans have already jumped on the Carolaus train, after all!

In different news, look forward to what is sure to be a very tense dinner party hosted by Klaus (we’re hoping for some Last Supper-style promotional artwork ala BSG and Lost!). Joseph Morgan tells TV Line:

There’s always a little bit of violence involved in anything Klaus does — even if it starts as a sit down meal, it’s all going to end in violence. There will be some things which aren’t strictly within dinner party etiquette. Also, it’s incredibly charged. Imagine having this powerful hybrid hosting a little dinner party. Who will be his guests? And what will the conversation be? And what will he serve for dinner? What will his table etiquette be? It’s a really interesting idea. We’ve seen so much of him in physical confrontation with people, it’s interesting to see a little bit more of his cultured side, his charm and his elegance there at the dinner table.

Definitely sounds like great things are coming up for our favourite hybrid.

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