Loads of new Vampire Diaries spoilers about the last few episodes of the season have been revealed, including whether Rebekah is gone, what Tyler will do about the Klaus and Caroline bond and what the finale title refers to.

TV Guide has a scoop about the season 3 finale, “The Departed,” which features flashbacks to Elena’s parents. In the episode,

Two main characters will be in grave danger and both will come out a bit “different” on the other side of their traumas. Oh, and yes, there will be an important kiss.

TV Line has a whole load of spoilers from Julie Plec in this week’s spoiler chat, including what’s next for Bonnie. Plec says:

[Bonnie] gets to get gorgeous and have a date, which seems like it should be awesome and is briefly a really nice time for her. But then, unfortunately, as things tend to at the Decade Dances, the date gets disrupted and her date, Jamie, gets to see the other side of her life, which is how she saves the day.

Rebekah fans should be relieved to hear that Esther’s possession is “a temporary problem,” which will “resolve itself quickly and effectively.” She teases:

What she sees in [Alaric’s] alter ego is someone who loathes vampires and could be a useful ally in her quest to kill her children. She has big plans for the hunter in him. It all comes to a head right away in the next episode.

Finally, Plec addresses the Tyler-Caroline-Klaus dilemma:

Caroline doesn’t understand what draws her to Klaus [just like] any young woman who is seduced by and charmed by and intrigued by a dangerous man. There’s a lot of things that she can’t really explain about herself and her connection to him. [But] she’s made her loyalty to Tyler and her love for Tyler very clear and will continue to have to do that. [Tyler will] deal with that in the next episode, realizing that, ‘Hey, I sort of brought this on myself by leaving and leaving the opening for this guy to come in and move in on my girl,’” previews Plec. “Unfortunately, there’s still the question remaining: Was he able to effectively break that sire bond, or is he in for a rude awakening? You’ll definitely see that play out over the next couple [of episodes].

Whoa! That should be enough to tie us over until Thursday’s big dance episode “Do Not Go Gentle”!

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