A third sneak peek for Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries episode “The Originals” has been released, featuring Elena, Damon and Stefan!

This week, The Vampire Diaries takes us to New Orleans, where we’ll meet the cast of the new spinoff series The Originals – which if picked up by The CW will start airing this fall.

However, there’ll still be scenes back in Mystic Falls, where we’ll see to what lengths Stefan and Damon are willing to go to bring Elena’s humanity back.

As seen in this sneak peek, their current plan is to starve her until she actually begins to show desperation:

In the clip, Elena wakes up at the Salvatore mansion, and Damon and Stefan discuss the plan, wondering what to do while they wait for her to show emotion. And as if on cue, in walks Katherine, ready to provide a distraction.

Are you looking forward to seeing this episode? Klaus and Elijah will most likely be taking center stage as they hunt for answers in New Orleans, but it’ll also be interesting to see what Katherine is up to, right? After all, since Klaus is gone, she’ll be able to stick around in Mystic Falls for a while!

The Vampire Diaries 4×20 “The Originals” airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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