A new trailer for The Vampire Diaries series finale has been released and we’re diving in deep to see what’s in store for the end of the show.

Who knew a 10 second trailer could tease so much? The new teaser for The Vampire Diaries series finale may only include two characters and a grand total of eight spoken words, but it still gives us a lot to speculate on. Before we start speculating, though, make sure you watch the trailer!

Let’s start with what we see. First of all, we see Elena Gilbert! Our girl is back and better more confused than ever. Although it’s unbelievably great to see her again, her presence alone doesn’t really tell us anything about the finale, since we already knew she was returning.

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Elena’s words, “What happened? Why am I here right now?” and her clothing might hold a few more clues. Elena’s obviously confused about where she is, or why she’s there in that moment, which would suggest that she’s just woken up from her slumber. However, her outfit, in the teaser, is not the dress that she went to sleep in. Unless her friends changed her clothes, for some reason, while she was sleeping, she’s confused for a different reason.

the vampire diaries series finale, stefan salvatore, elena gilbert, stelena

The other character in the teaser, Stefan Salvatore, provides even more clues, all while saying nothing at all. First of all, Stefan is human now, so he’s not going to look like this for much longer. Therefore, we know that this interaction probably happens fairly soon, and not in 60-ish years’ time, when Elena had planned to wake up.

Just as with Elena, Mr. Salvatore’s chosen attire holds some valuable information. He’s wearing a suit and, since he’s not Barney Stinson, we can assume that means there’s some sort of formal occasion going on. Wedding? Funeral? Bar Mitzvah? High School dance? Stefan is appropriately dressed for any and all of them!

It also looks like Stefan is crying, in the teaser. If this is the first time he’s seeing Elena, that, in itself, would explain the tears. Otherwise, all we can extract from those tear ducts is that Stefan is experiencing some sort of strong emotion, be it good or bad.

The third clue in The Vampire Diaries series finale trailer is the setting. The scene takes place at Mystic Falls High School, and an emphasis is placed on the trophy case. The high school setting and the close up on the trophies indicate that they’re probably reminiscing about something or someone, in this scene.

Now that we’ve examined all the evidence, let’s get to speculating! Here are four theories we think are strong possibilities for The Vampire Diaries series finale, based on this teaser.

1. Stefan and Elena are both dead

stelena, the vampire diaries 7x13

Almost too tragic to consider, we know, but since it’s already been confirmed that a major character will die in the series finale, consider it, we must. At least, if they’re both dead, they’ll be together.

Rather than being at the actual Mystic Falls High School, this scene could take place at an alternate version of it, in whatever dimension the human Stefan and Elena will go when they eventually pass on. If Elena dies before she wakes up, or shortly thereafter, she could wake up in this dimension where an already dead Stefan will greet her.

Assuming you’re not tied to your “time of death” appearance when you die, Stefan could’ve died at any time before Elena woke up. He would obviously choose to appear to her as the Stefan that she remembered. It would also make sense that he’d choose the location of their initial run in, for their reunion.

Elena’s confusion would come from the fact that she’s dead, obviously. Perhaps she’ll be murdered in her sleeping state, and will truly have no idea what happened, or maybe death will just look different than she had anticipated.

2. Stefan is dying

the vampire diaries, stefan salvatore

Stefan has wanted to be human for most of his immortal life, but now that his wish has been granted, we can see that he’s really not that great at it. He’s already come very close to death twice, so things don’t exactly bode well for him, going forward.

If Stefan was to be on the brink of death while Elena was still asleep, it would make sense that he’d want to say goodbye to her. One of the vampires could let him into her head so he could say a final farewell before he died. The vampire could control the setting and even Elena’s appearance, so her outfit, the setting, and her confusion would all make sense.

3. The Steroline wedding is happening

the vampire diaries, steroline

This one could work inside Elena’s head, or after she wakes up. That is, as long as she wakes up before Stefan starts aging. This could happen if Bonnie dies, if Kai is successful in resurrecting her, or if another loophole is found.

If it happens while she’s still asleep, it’s possible that Stefan and Caroline would just want to talk to her before such a huge event in their lives. They could go inside her mind to check in, before saying “I do.”

If the wedding occurs shortly post-coma, maybe they’ll leave Elena a note to meet them at the school for the wedding. This scenario could also work with any other happy occasion that Stefan would be dressed up for! We’re pushing for this theory because it’s the only one that doesn’t induce uncontrollable sobbing.

4. Someone else is dead

This theory is mainly generated by the fact that Elena is staring at the trophy case. Who would’ve potentially won some trophies for Mystic Falls High School? None other than the QB, himself, Matt Donovan. If he was recently killed, Elena could be staring longingly at the proof of his accomplishments, wishing he was still there. As a less tragic option, perhaps she’s just looking at the trophy case to remember Tyler, who she never got to say goodbye to.

It’s also possible that they could be gathering for someone else’s funeral. Bonnie would make sense, since their lives are technically still linked. Elena would surely have some memories with Bonnie and Caroline tied to that trophy case, as well.

Trophy case aside, it could even be Damon that they’re gathering to remember. If Elena has woken up very recently, everything is bound to be confusing for her, and Stefan would definitely be crying over his brother’s death.

What do you think this teaser means for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ series finale?

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