The end of The Vampire Diaries is nigh. Have you locked in your final predictions? The Hypable staff has!

Why does Elena look like Katherine? Who’s stabbing everyone with wooden stakes? Is Bonnie dead? Did these kids have to compel someone to graduate? What is this magical world in which you get to eat vampire pancakes everyday? How the hell is Matt Donovan still alive?

Remember asking yourself these questions? The Vampire Diaries fans have always loved to speculate, and unfortunately, we only have a couple days left to do it! That’s why the Hypable staff got together to lock in our last predictions for the series. The Vampire Diaries has less than an hour to wrap up so much, and here’s how we think it’s going to go down. Let us know what you think, in the comments.

By the way, the answers to the above questions are, as follows: Because it’s cheaper to hire one actress than two. Alaric…or was it? 50/50 shot at any point during the run of The Vampire Diaries. 100%. It’s heaven, okay?!? Nope…I’ve got nothing.

The diaries have to mean something – Kendra Cleary

the vampire diaries, elena

  • Bonnie will be in her psychic realm at the beginning of the finale, which will cause Elena to wake up.
  • Dorian and Alaric will have a plan to destroy hell that will result in Bonnie and Enzo coming back, along with a lot of other people who we’ve missed.
  • Katherine will try to expose Salvatore and co.’s weaknesses, but she’ll underestimate how much they’ve grown since her death.
  • Matt will reveal that he’s supernatural and has been the mastermind behind everything. Tyler’s transition? Matt. The three massacres? Matt. The Mystic Falls “animal attacks?” Matt. Turning Stefan and Damon? Matt. Creating the originals? Matt. It’s seriously the only explanation for how he’s still alive.
  • Jo will come back and help Alaric with his school, since he obviously has no business teaching witches by himself.
  • Bonnie will use the Ascendant to go back to the 1903 prison world, or to create more prison worlds, to get the cure.
  • Damon, Caroline and Enzo will all take the cure. The series will end with all of them sitting around, as humans, reading the journals that they wrote to Elena. They’ll call them The Vampire Diaries.

Bad news for BonBon – Sonya Field

  • Bonnie is finally dead, just like we were waiting to happen every season! Maybe she will have her own psychic dimension with Enzo just to make it seem like a happy ending.
  • Elena is back and happily united with Damon but now he needs to find a way to be human again. There will probably be some weird loophole that makes zero sense which allows everyone to be human again.
  • Jeremy comes back and guess what, he can stay now that his family and friends aren’t vampires anymore. Perhaps Jeremy, Elena, Damon, Stefan, and Caroline will all join forces to make Mystic Falls actually normal for once.

Someone’s heading to New Orleans… – Kristen Kranz

klaroline, the vampire diaries 7x13

  • Bonnie stretches her psychic realm abilities too far and suddenly can’t leave. She and Enzo are together there, but Bonnie dies in the real world, suddenly waking Elena.
  • Stefan, in a heroic moment, dies in the finale, probably trying to protect someone from something, widowing his new bride, Caroline, who runs off to New Orleans to escape the daily reminders of her love for Stefan. She may or may not run into a certain Mikaelson and start the slowest burning romance in the history of vampire romances.
  • As a gift to his supernatural, dysfunctional family, Alaric and his powerful little girls announce their plan to re-establish the Other Side, but remodel it so that no one is alone there. They want to know that none of their friends ever suffer in Katherine’s hellscape, and he wants them all to be able to stay together forever.
  • In counter to the terrible luck that Matt has always had, he wins the lottery and opens a new bar in Mystic Falls that Jeremy helps him run.

What if everyone just died? – Tariq Kyle

damon salvatore, the vampire diaries 7x15

  • Everyone will actually be human again, Beauty and the Beast style. Since Stefan took the cure and Damon has to take the cure to be with Elena that leaves Caroline as the only vampire, and something tells me that she isn’t going to want to be the only vampire left so they’ll find a way to have her become human.
  • Bonnie will die, because obviously if anyone is going to die it’s going to be the character they apparently cared about least. Always losing her magic and getting it back and just being a tool for the rest of the group when they need her, I’m pretty sure they’re finally going to just let her be with Enzo and finally be at peace.
  • Improbable: EVERYONE DIES. Instead of being alive in the screwed up real world Bonnie will create a dimension or prison world or whatever the hell you wanna call it where everyone will just be at peace and live on their own away from the next “big baddie.”

But what will they be wearing? – Brandi Delhagen

tvdsdcc, the vampire diaries, bamon

First off, the series finale episode is titled “I Was Feeling Epic.” Rewind way back to season 1 where Lexi was talking to Elena about Stefan. Lexi basically tells Elena how awesome Stefan is and how “love conquers all” or something like that. Then Stefan thanks Lexi for giving Elena the talk and Lexi tells Stefan….. “I was feeling epic.”

For reference:


What I actually think might happen in the finale: Bonnie will die because she’d prefer it there to be closer to Enzo. Stefan will remain a human and he and Caroline will just have to work around that awkwardness. And finally, Delena will finally get their happily ever after!

Now that that’s out of the way, as much as I’ve enjoyed Delena I’ve always been a Stelena fan at my core. Let’s face it, Elena and Stefan are meant to be! They are the tame ones — well, when Stefan isn’t the Ripper. I get that Elena kept Damon grounded and more humane, but IMHO she always made him pretty boring. He was so much more fun before he fell in love with her! So here are my predictions on what I want to happen in the finale, no matter how improbable they may be:

  • Since Vicki rings the Donovan bell, EVERYONE we’ve ever seen die on The Vampire Diaries will come back. Yep, everyone.
  • Katherine will continue to rule hell as that’s always been her true calling. Queen Diabla.
  • Instead of Bonnie finding cures for everyone she will find a way to make everyone vampires. Let’s be honest with ourselves, how boring would everything be if everyone became human? Snoozefest.
  • Bonnie also finds a way to transport everyone to the 1994 prison world where they all live as vampires and listen to the Spin Doctors and Nirvana and wear flannel (you all remember how amazing Damon and Bonnie looked in their grunge 1994 prison world phase, amirite?). Bonnie and Enzo will look amazing there together.
  • Stefan and Elena reunite because she could never forgive Damon for everything he’s done since she’s been away.
  • Caroline and Alaric can go to New Orleans where Alaric can start research for his witchcraft nursery/school. Caroline can be with her “last” love, Klaus, and it will all work out. Caroline is great at being a stepmother so she’ll fit right in with Hope!
  • And what will poor Damon do without his fragile little Elena? Well, another Elena doppelganger will appear who is a vampire — and most importantly, enjoys being one — and sweep Damon off his feet! The End!

What do you think will happen in the series finale of ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

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