Bonnie’s got a new love interest on The Vampire Diaries, as Jamie returns in Thursday’s episode “Do Not Go Gentle.” Robert Ri’chard shares a few spoilers about his reappearance in a new interview.

Ri’chard has spoken to Hollywood Life about the next Vampire Diaries episode, “Do Not Go Gentle,” in which Jaime and Bonnie attend the ’20s ball together. He says:

Jamie is with her throughout the entire episode. She’s protecting him, but he’s also protecting her. When you have that dynamic, where both people are looking out for each other, they’re bound to be drawn together romantically. We see that unfold in this episode.

He also talks about whether Bonnie’s ex, Jeremy, may put a damper on the new romance:

It’s inevitable that Jamie and Jeremy will meet face to face. But [Bonnie and Jamie’s relationship] might be a little bit too much for Jeremy to stop.

Finally, Ri’chard teases a “crazy cliffhanger” involving Bonnie – that sounds worrying!

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