The Vampire Diaries actress Claire Holt talks in a new interview about the Stefan/Rebekah hookup and Rebekah’s arc this season.

ET Online spoke to Holt recently about her work on The Vampire Diaries – and although sadly there is still no word on her potential involvement with the spinoff series The Originals, she does open up about the recent Stefan/Rebekah development.

She says that she’s always enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters and that, “I think it brings out good things in both Stefan and Rebekah,” but at the same time confesses that, “I’m always a little scared of the Stelena shippers.”

Holt also speaks about Rebekah’s mindset regarding the hookup, saying that while she’s definitely enjoying their renewed connection, “deep down she knows whatever is going on right now is a mutually beneficial relationship – they’re hooking up, having fun, but they have a common goal.”

And speaking of shipping, what about the one that never sailed – Rebekah/Matt? “I like the idea of her and Matt,” Holt admits, “I think it would have given her a more human experience.” And while she doesn’t think they’ll get together any time soon (Rebekah did try to kill him, after all), eventually “I’d like to have someone love her. I think it’s important.”

Finally, Holt offers a small preview of tonight’s episode, in which the decade dance is cancelled, leaving Rebekah very disappointed. She says, “when the dance gets cancelled and Stefan finds a charming way to make up for it. What he does really means a lot to her.”

We can’t wait! The Vampire Diaries 4×12 “A View to Kill” airs at 8/7c on The CW.

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