A fun The Vampire Diaries video to tie us over until next week’s episode: the cast members play Shag, Marry, Stake! Who would you choose?

TV Guide had Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Joseph Morgan and Steven R. McQueen participate in this game. They’re each given a set of characters to choose between, and their answers might surprise you:

The actors are given a few different sets to choose between and the video cuts them together, but we’ll give you the summary of who each actor chooses.

Nina Dobrev says that she would marry Stefan and Matt, shag Damon and Elijah, and stake Tyler and Klaus. Ouch!

Joseph Morgan picks Jeremy and Bonnie to stake, Caroline and Matt to marry (“cause he’s a good guy, isn’t he?”), and Elena and Tyler to shag.

Ian Somerhalder has a different spin on the game. Choosing between Elena, Caroline and Bonnie, Somerhalder would, “Shag them all, and then stake them.” How Damon of him, right? In the next round he picks Matt to marry, Tyler to shag (we’re not gonna quote his reasoning, but you’ll want to watch the video to see what makes him smirk like that), and Klaus to stake. Between Andy, Jenna and Vicki, Ian has the same dilemma as in the first round – “they’re all hot, I’d just shag them and stake them all. That way they can’t ever meet in a bar, and then you’d have all this conflict.”

Candice Accola says she would marry Tyler and Elena, shag Stefan and Klaus (she has a feeling that’s what Caroline would do, anyway), and stake Damon and Matt.

Steven R. McQueen has to choose between Caroline, Bonnie and Rebekah… but he can’t answer. In the second round he chooses to stake Damon, and blanks at the other two options.

So, let’s hear it. Shag, marry, stake, Vampire Diaries fans?

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