The Vampire Diaries episode “Do Not Go Gentle” gives our characters another chance to dress up, this time in 20s dresses and suits! Candice Accola shares some spoilers in a new interview.

Speaking to E! Online, Accola teases the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus triangle:

Tyler does escort Caroline to the dance and Klaus also makes an appearance. We’re going to see Caroline, Klaus and Tyler all in the same room and see what kind of tension builds within that trifecta. The viewers see it as a love triangle and it’s definitely painted out to be [one], but from Caroline’s perspective it is very much Caroline and Tyler against this very big obstacle who just won’t back down.

Accola does admit she sees the appeal of Klaus and Caroline:

I can see why viewers really like the idea of Klaus showing his softer side, and I think it ties back to Caroline in the first season saying, ‘Why don’t the boys ever choose me? I try so hard!’ And here finally, the boy chose her! It just so happens to be the mass-murdering, evil boy who is making an army of murderers! [Laughs.] Maybe not the ideal boy to have chasing after her, so I think it’s pretty funny. The boy’s got an accent, let’s be honest. And he draws very pretty pictures of Caroline with a horse, so if that doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will!

The episode airs tomorrow night at 8/7c.

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