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‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×14 review: Welcome to New Orleans, old friend

By Kendra Cleary | Edited by Karen Rought

Stefan and Klaus gave us 1920s nostalgia in The Vampire Diaries, season 7, episode 14. The first crossover episode with The Originals may have been low on world changing drama, but was packed with sweet character moments.

It has been too long since Klaus felt the need to visit his friends in Mystic Falls, so thankfully Valerie led Stefan right to him! This episode had some great moments reminiscent of earlier seasons of The Vampire Diaries and left us hungry for more crossovers with The Originals!

The OG is back

the vampire diaries 7x14, stefan in new orleans

Stefan didn’t even know what he was getting into when he sat down for a drink at the St. James Infirmary. As luck would have it, he wasn’t the only vampire trying to take the edge off that day. Stefan’s relationship with Klaus could definitely be described as complicated, but it was nice to see them greet each other as friends. Unfortunately we didn’t get nearly enough bromantic moments before Klaus found out what exactly brought Stefan into the bar, but they saved it with the Klaroline phone call!

After all this time, Klaus can still go from murderous to mellow with just a few words from Miss Forbes. It looked like he was going to kill Stefan himself for a moment and all of a sudden he’s going to “ensure” his safety! It’s not like Caroline is immune to his charms either. While she was obviously hoping to talk to Stefan, she made a point (or two or three) of telling Klaus that Alaric’s babies weren’t hers and could not hide the affection in her voice when she heard his. It was so sweet when he helped her through her frustration of the baby crying and his “it’s not a crime to love what you cannot explain” line was loaded with double meaning.

This wasn’t the last of Klaus’ shining moments, as he returned to rescue Stefan from Rayna and finally gave us the bromance we were hoping for. This episode gave us the healthy fear of Rayna Cruz that has been somewhat lacking so far on season 7 of The Vampire Diaries. Between the speed with which she found Stefan on her cool villain motorcycle (she’s embracing modern technology quite well) and how much even Klaus feared her, we’re officially intimidated.

Alexandria who?

enzo, the vampire diaries 7x14

We predicted that the Mystic Falls crew was going to have problems with an elite society, but this isn’t exactly what we meant. Apparently Enzo has found his way into a society of supernatural artifact collectors that has promised him information about his family. According to Valerie, “the Armory” is a “black hole of lies” that tried to use Beau as bait to catch Rayna before and is now trying to do the same with Stefan.

Enzo has been struggling to find a place in the hearts of Salvatore and co. and also The Vampire Diaries viewers for quite a while now, and is so far failing on both accounts. It has been so difficult to keep track of his loyalties since his introduction that it’s difficult to sympathize with him when he says he has nobody to care for him and fight for him.

If he had done something to earn the trust and respect of the group, it would be slightly more sad that he hasn’t received much kindness back, but he has been anything but loyal. The only thing intriguing about this story line at the moment is how it is going to somehow lead to a relationship between Bonnie and Enzo. Perhaps the “magical time out” device that he used on her could have some lingering effects that lead to an alliance between the two.

Damon started off well in this episode. After all of his questionable actions in the last few weeks, he was actually doing everything right for once! He didn’t follow Enzo’s plan once he found out it would put Stefan in danger, he didn’t harm Tyler, and he chose to save Bonnie over himself when Tyler was transforming.

Then, Tyler, who apparently is still a little upset about Damon beating him up and leaving him for dead, made some comments that must have struck a chord in Damon’s little hero heart. By the end of the episode Damon was convinced he needed to “take himself out of the equation.”

This could mean that he plans to kill himself, which undoubtedly is going to lead everyone into more danger as they try to save him. Great. However, it could also be the thing that leads to him being in a coffin in three years. It seems a little premature for Damon to be desiccating himself now since the huntress is still after his brother whom he swore to save. Get it together, Damon!

One great thing that came from this moment was seeing how far Damon’s friendship with Bonnie has evolved. In The Vampire Diaries season 7, he has gone from hesitating to save her life, to being happy to save her life, to saying he would basically be devastated if she died. Hopefully Bonnie wakes up soon to talk some sense into him.

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