How many times can The Vampire Diaries make its fans cry in one episode? You’ll find out in our GIF recap of last night’s plot-twisting events.

We’re still shedding a river’s amount of tears from the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, while also having a hard time picking up our jaws off the floor. Is it possible to drown this way? Because we’re almost there.

Everyone’s initial reactions to Jeremy’s death


We knew this would be emotional, and yes we expected the beginning would get us crying… but it didn’t stop the tears. Caroline’s face when Elena brought him home, Damon’s realization that he couldn’t be brought back to life…it all just hurt.

Finding out Bonnie is alive


We have a love-hate relationship with Bonnie. While we expect her to die later in the season (don’t ask why we just do) we don’t want her to die at the SAME time as Jeremy. That’s just cruel! So no matter how that was able to happen, we’re glad to see she made it through… for now.

Elena holding out hope for Jeremy


We can’t have been the only ones to think of this, right? We all need hope, sometimes, so we don’t blame Elena for holding on. She’s just telling the God of Death “Not today.”

Finding out Katherine worked with Haylie…in New Orleans


Okay so we weren’t all too surprised when the Hunter said he was working with Katherine, but then he said something about New Orleans. And also Haylie…in New Orleans…what?! It seems we’re slowly but surely getting more backstory for The Originals spinoff.

Shane telling Bonnie she can bring Jeremy back with Silas’ help


We’ve been so suspicious of Shane from the first moment we saw him. He’s never up to any good, and he’s basically Silas’ little puppet, so as soon as he told Bonnie that she could bring Jeremy back we just wanted to punch him out of The Vampire Diaries and bring Bonnie to Elena. We will forever be suspicious of this man and his always evil motives, so we felt this GIF is permanently appropriate for him:


Dr. Fell coming to take Jeremy… and Matt’s reaction


This scene was about the third time we lost it completely. Although it wasn’t Elena who made our hearts melt this time, it was Matt. The moment he first walked in and saw Jeremy, we couldn’t see straight because of the tears. It’s making us tear up right now! And to think this wasn’t the last emotional scene in the episode…we don’t know if we’ll be able to handle rewatching it again.

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Bonnie falling prey to Shane’s plan to massacre


Remember how we were glad that Bonnie was alive? We take that back now. We understand she’s emotionally unstable and therefore easy prey, but c’mon! You would think that she’d realize Silas is somehow manipulating her to see Jeremy, and the fact that she constantly needs someone to ground her to reality is just concerning at this point. Bonnie used to be this smart, powerful, independent woman. And now…


Finding out they want to bring back every dead supernatural creature ever


While we realize this is a fantastic plot twist and added element into The Vampire Diaries, we just want to say that if we were characters in the show we oppose this idea wholeheartedly. Yes all the good people will be able to return like Alaric, Jenna, Jeremy, etc., but at what cost? Kol, Finn, Mikael, and all the rest of the evil vampires and witches? We like Mystic Falls thriving and not burnt into a pile of ash, thanks. So our only reaction to this is just:


April calls


This is like the writers’ way of telling us “Hey, she still exists. She’s still a big part of this whole thing.” Yes, yes, we get this…but HOW?! And in any case, we don’t care at this point! Just give us our mourning Jeremy scenes, please. We need more feels.

Elena finally admitting Jeremy is dead


This is a very big moment for Elena, and to see her go from having hope and being optimistic to succumbing to the cold hard reality of life is something that hit us hard. We’re pretty sure someone needs to just give Elena a hug at this point. Hell, WE’RE the ones who need the hug with all of this emotional flip-flopping they have us doing.


Elena not willing to sacrifice the world for Jeremy


Is it possible to be super happy/proud and super sad at the same time? Because we are. The fact that Elena is going to be strong enough to not ruin the world for Jeremy’s sake makes us so happy, but the breakdown that this causes just kills us. We’re pretty positive that this GIF not only represents Elena in this situation, but also us:


Elena turning off her humanity


The poster might have given us a clue, but we were still shocked. To have Elena turn off her emotions as an effect of the sire bond was a brilliant idea, and the execution caught us so off guard we’re still trying to pick up our jaws. This is the Elena we’ve been waiting for! Now, if you can bring Katherine + humanity-free Elena into the same scene, that’d be swell.

Silas is somehow Shane. Matt cries. We wait until March 14 until the next episode…


Okay who saw that coming?! We know we didn’t. This explains why we haven’t heard any casting news for Silas, because he’ll probably take on the form of other characters. Sneaky! And for a moment we were scared that Silas would kill off Matt while he was in the car, but then they brought in the tear-jerking scene of him breaking down.

Matt might have been missing for the past few episodes but, man, did he make a comeback or what?!


To summarize, this episode had us on a ridiculous level of highs and lows. We cried, we laughed, and we screamed in both anger and excitement. There is only one GIF in all this world that properly explains how we must end this recap:


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