John and Stephen go to the warehouse where John reveals that the violence turned him off to Ultra and he identified with Stephen’s father’s peaceful vision. Apparently the warehouse is next to the youth orchestra, making the duo suspect a planned bomb. In the clip already previewed by Hypable, McCrane spots the duo and promptly knocks Stephen out to talk to John. McCrane questions why John left Ultra and asks him to join in his revenge. John refuses the offer and McCrane promises devious results with the bomb set to go off in less than a minute.

John uses his powers to be in five places at once to disable the bomb while Stephen just cuts one cord. John wears himself off but saves the youth orchestra. Stephen leaves for his family dinner while we see a flashback of John fighting with his foster dad and losing until Jedikiah kills him. Jedikiah then warns him never to reveal his powers as he sets up a suicide scene, telling John, “kill or be killed”. This complicates their relationship.

Stephen’s brother asks Jedikiah the origin of his name while he is excused from the table. Stephen’s mother questions Jedikiah’s about Stephen’s role. His mother blames Jedikiah for Rodger’s deterioration and emphasizes her mistrust of him. Jedikiah asks Stephen to arrange a meeting between him and John as he wants to team up to hunt McCrane. Russell (Aaron Yoo) warns against the plan but John agrees, saying that Jedikiah is the closest thing he’s had to a father, despite his ways.

Jedikiah asks John to call a temporary ceasefire in order to get McCrane and avoid the exposure of the Tomorrow People. John asks for Ultra’s resources to go out on his own and find McCrane. Jedikiah calls him son and implores him to work together, with John’s refusal and correction of their relationship status.

The Tomorrow People Jason Dohring

John meets McCrane in a parking structure where John tells McCrane to get away. McCrane does not take lightly to the suggestion and begins to fight John. McCrane does not want to devolve and live underground. Meanwhile back at Ultra, Stephen learns that they are sending in a Kill squad and that John is the second target. Jedikiah does not express any remorse as Stephen tries to warn him using telepathy.

John teleports both him and McCrane away from Ultra’s bullets when McCrane accuses him of being jealous that he was given the power to kill. As McCrane monologues and is about to kill John, John shoots him. He reveals that he left Ultra as they turned him into McCrane. What do you think of the shocker that John can kill?

John buries McCrane and sends Stephen a message to tell him it’s over. Jedikiah reveals that the Tomorrow People are close to perfection and that he wants them on his side. John spins the story that he convinced McCrane to leave, leaving out the detail that McCrane has left this world, even to Cara.

Stephen admits that he respects John as a leader to which Cara jokingly asks if he’s developing a guy-crush on him. Stephen praises his mother over her treatment of Jedikiah and she hints that she’s more of mystery than he would suspect. Do you think she has powers as well?

John surprises Jedkikah in his car where Jedikiah reveals that he knows John killed McCrane. John has a theory that killing hurts a part of the soul and decides that the Tomorrow People will no longer run, but fight.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.

Photo Credit: The CW

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