8:30 pm EDT, August 8, 2013

‘The Star Wars’ trailer shows George Lucas’ original, very different vision

“Longer Ago, in a Galaxy Even Farther Away….” George Lucas had a vision, and that vision had Han Solo as an alien.

When George Lucas originally envisioned Star Wars, he had ideas that ended up being very different than the final movie that was released in 1977. It was actually titled the The Star Wars, and many of the characters were far different.

In The Star Wars, Han Solo was an alien, Luke Skywalker was old (the Ben Kenobi of the original script), Annikin Starkiller was the hero, and Darth Vader did not have a helmet.

On September 4, the first issue of an eight issue comic book run of The Star Wars will be released. The comic book is adapted from the original script.

Dark Horse comics has just released a trailer for the comic, and thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we can now have a look at what the characters will look like.

Some of the art in The Star Wars looks pretty fantastic, so we’ve screen-capped some of the art to look at it closer than the split seconds they were on the screen.

the star wars art lightsaber

the star wars art deathstar

the star wars art starships

the star wars art building

the star wars art sith

the star wars art ship

Overall, the art is very impressive, but we think the art on the Death Star (or whatever it was called in the initial script) is our favorite.

Will you check out ‘The Star Wars’ to see the original vision?

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