The season finale of The Secret Circle that airs on Thursday is called Family. According to producer Andrew Miller, the show looks at exactly what defines who your family is.

This very topic came up in this week’s Secret Diaries Chat. Andrew Miller shared his thoughts on family with the TV Fanatic.

Will there be fallout for Diana after learning Charles killed Amelia?

In a big way. She’ll be distracted at first by Faye’s kidnapping, but let’s just say it’s one thing to realize you have two dads; it’s another to realize they are both evil.

The finale is titled “Family” because all of the characters will have to define what family means to them, whether family is defined by blood or by choice. Diana will definitely be placed in a position to choose.

And what about Charles himself?

There will be a reckoning for Charles… look, magic can be a form of unearned power. You have the ability to do powerful things, but that doesn’t mean you’re a strong person. Charlie and Dawn are prime examples of that, Charles especially because of all he’s done. Magic can also feel like an easy way out, but Charles will need to make some hard decisions if he’s to become the father he wants to be.

Where do you think Diana’s family ties lie?

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