In case you haven’t heard already, The Originals season 5 has officially been declared by the CW! Let the celebrations begin!

If you aren’t already dancing in the streets and/or jumping up and down, you may not have heard that our favorite vampire drama is still kicking over on the CW. We finally know that not only do we still have six episodes left in season 4, but we have The Originals season 5 in the works. That’s right folks, the Mikaelsons will be back next year with all kinds of crazy, supernatural fun.

1. Definitely watch Friday’s episode live

Make sure to tune in to see what Klaus and company are up to this week, especially since we are expecting to see appearances by a couple of familiar faces. Danielle Campbell will be back as Davina, and after getting magically blown up last season, we are interested in learning exactly how she has managed to reappear. We also get a guest appearance by Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman, the first Vampire Diaries cameo since the show ended in the fall. Hopefully the first of many. (*cough* Caroline *cough*).

2. Rewatch all your favorite episodes on Netflix

If you are all caught up and need a Mikaelson fix to celebrate The Originals season 5, you can catch any and all of the first 3 seasons of The Originals on Netflix, or, you know, pop in those DVDs and Blu-rays that you undoubtedly own. There’s no better way to celebrate another year of Mikaelson drama than to drift back down memory lane.

3. Hit Tumblr for all your favorite ‘Originals’ gifs and ships and favorite moments.

If you want to see how everyone else is celebrating, don’t forget to hit all your favorite Originals tags on tumblr. Whether you are a diehard shipper or more a fan of the family dynamic itself, gifsets galore await you. You might want to clear your afternoon though, as you will get swept up in an Originals tumblr spiral for sure.

4. General frivolity

You can never go wrong with dancing around like a fool to your favorite tunes, and/or imbibing your favorite alcoholic beverage. The Mikaelsons would definitely plan an elaborate affair in celebrations, probably including formal dresses, champagne toasts, and more than a little magic.

5. Share your joy on social media.

Bond with your fellow fans over all the joy we cannot contain. Even if your real life pop culture circle doesn’t include a fellow Originals fan, a whole community of people awaits just a click or two away. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Originals fans are everywhere!

5. Send your thanks to all parties involved.

Don’t forget to thank all the parties that helped to bring us another season of The Originals! Hit up the cast, crew, and creators and let them know just how much this show means to you. With so much negativity floating around these days, passing on well wishes is the perfect way to celebrate how happy we all are.

How are you celebrating ‘The Originals’ season 5 renewal news?

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