In addition to learning some important details at the panel, we got a chance to sit down with the stars of The Originals and find out a little more about what we can expect to see in season 4.

Before we get to all that talk about the new big bad, we were lucky enough to have a chance to talk to Joseph Morgan about where Klaus will be emotionally when he is released from the horrors of Papa Tunde’s knife. Check out all the details he shared, as well as a lot of talk about a whole new level of evil that will be descending upon New Orleans in season 4 of The Originals.

We got a chance to ask Joseph Morgan how Klaus will react to missing such a vital part of Hope’s formative years, and he hinted at some interesting reunion scenes for us to look forward to between father and daughter. “The one thing he can hold in his heart is he kept her safe by doing that. I guess a lot of fathers do things for the good of their children but at the expense of their relationship with their children, perhaps, so I think this is that on a grander scale. The interesting thing for me will be how Hope reacts to him when they finally meet again. So I’m really excited to shoot those scenes.”

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He also spoke about why Cami’s death, and why no time jump will keep the pain of losing her from affecting Klaus, “It’s important to snatch people away when you least expect it. That informs other characters’ emotions and how they see the world. There’s a lot of anger in Klaus because of what happened to Cami and he’s reminded of that early on in the season.” Cami was such an important part of the show that it’s nice to be reminded that losing her will continue to affect Klaus for a long time to come.

Lastly, he left us with a parting line about how formidable Klaus is going to be this season, “You’re gonna find out in episode one how dangerous he is. I’m gonna leave it there.” Now we all have to wonder, who should be most afraid of Klaus in season 4? Marcel? Vincent? Someone we haven’t met yet?

Next up was Yusuf Gatewood, known better to Originals fans as Vincent. He talked a lot about Marcel and Vincent and how their partnership is going when we return for season 4. “Though Vincent doesn’t like Marcel, there’s definitely a respect that’s there, and they both understand that this is a city that belongs to both of them, and we’re the only people I think who’re going to be able to protect it from threats within and outside. I think it’s more of a realization that in order to protect what I actually love, I have to work with people that I don’t.”

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When asked about possible new allies for Vincent in the wake of him losing Davina and Cami (amongst others) Yusuf surprised us a bit, “There might be new witches in the picture that might provide a love interest for Vincent.” We’ve never really seen Vincent struggle with romance since he’s been so involved with trying to protect the city he loves so much, so it would be refreshing and fun to see him struggle with the complex emotions that come with new romantic entanglements.

We also got a few hints at what we can expect in the way of this season’s big bad: “I feel like this big bad is going to be one of the most interesting that we’ve had in the series so far.” He went on to describe the villain as “an icky, unctuous, miasmic, old evil.” That does not bode well for anyone. He does give us a little hope for a reunion between Marcel and Vincent and the Mikaelsons thanks to this big bad. “There might be something that comes into the picture that puts all these warring factions on the same page with regard to protecting the city and themselves from something that’s bigger than all of us.”

Michael Narducci gets in on the big bad action and shares a little bit more about this incredibly evil force and what it means for all of our characters: “I think one thing that all of our characters would be able to get behind is a threat to Hope and to the other children of New Orleans. New Orleans born witches, New Orleans born werewolves, New Orleans born people, there’s something that’s happening to them. When the Mikaelsons and Marcel find out about that, they’re all going to have to come together in a pretty interesting way.”

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He also addressed The Vampire Diaries ending and what it means for The Originals. Crossovers will be tough thanks to the time jump on The Originals, but all hope is not lost for some guest spots in the post-Vampire Diaries universe. “In the future, I’m sure there’s always a possibility, and that’s something that Julie has expressed interest in, so I’ll look to her for guidance on that one.” All hope is not lost for seeing our favorite TVD characters again after their final season wraps for good.

He also gave us some interesting information about Christina Moses’ new character, Keelin, and what kind of role she will play “She is a werewolf, and is one of the last of her pack. Her family was hunted down and murdered by Lucien in an attempt to eradicate the werewolf pack that was the final key ingredient to undoing the bite that Marcel now has, and that can be used even to kill an Original.”

He went on to say that Keelin is an innocent person who is a trained doctor and fighter with a sarcastic sense of humor. Hayley has spent a large portion of the five years looking for her, and once she finds her, Hayley realizes that Keelin is yet another innocent being pulled into the Mikaelsons’ supernatural shenanigans. He also mentioned that there’s a possibility that Hayley may have to torture and/or torment her to save her family and that struggle will definitely complicate matters for Hayley.

What do you think about this new big bad for ‘The Originals’ season 4?

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