The events of the last episode of The Vampire Diaries season 5, “Monster’s Ball” have fans wondering if we might have our first character crossing over to The Originals. Find out who!

For those that haven’t seen last Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, we suggest pausing right here and watching “Monster’s Ball” before reading further, unless of course, you like spoilers, then, please, read on!

It looks as if the inevitable crossovers between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries have begun and the first contestant is… Tyler Lockwood!! After his and Caroline’s recently tumultuous romance hit a final snag this past Thursday, Tyler Lockwood packed his bags and left her in tears at Whitmore College to go find Klaus and ruin his life.

Michael Trevino confirmed the crossover to EW, but had no suggestion of when we might be seeing Tyler.

Tyler’s quest to ruin Klaus’ happiness stems from Klaus’ need to destroy everything that Tyler holds dear. Klaus has taken nearly everything from him, including: his mother’s life, Caroline, his freedom, and Mystic Falls (before he so generously “allowed” Tyler to return in the beginning of The Vampire Diaries season 5).

It’s hard to fault Tyler for wanting to share his misery, especially since Klaus has made it his mission to keep our favorite non-Original hybrid in a cycle of hopelessness. Basically, anytime Tyler gets something nice, Klaus breaks it.

Michael Trevino, Tyler’s portrayer, had this to say toEW when asked about fans’ negative reactions to Tyler skipping town on Caroline so quickly after returning: “I just want to say everything will be explained, and I think Tyler will make it good once he shows up to The Originals…. I think everybody will be happy with Tyler’s reasoning when they see what he’s been up to and what he has planned.”

Are you excited to see Tyler in New Orleans? Let us know what you think about the first crossover character, and tell us who else you would like to see make the jump from Mystic Falls to New Orleans!

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