The Originals season 1 episode 7 “Bloodletting” aired tonight and Haley went missing, Klaus has a dangerous encounter and Davina makes a surprising connection. Check out our recap!

The Douchebag Returns
-The episode starts with a gathering at Marcel’s. It’s fight night!
-Apparently everyone there is a vampire.
-Whoever wins the fight will get a daylight ring. Josh clearly wants one. And he’s adorable. So he should get one by default.
-Klaus snaps the neck of the girl who was winning. DAYUM.
-Elijah appears, and they’re looking for Haley.
-Marcel claims that he doesn’t have Haley.
-We see Haley in the back seat of a car. ….where is this girl?!
-Marcel always shows respect to his elders. Bull.
-Marcel then hands Klaus Sabine, who he’s allowing to help them find Haley. …like they need her! Psh!
-Tyler apparently kidnapped Haley from her back yard. Hmmph.
-He’s been asking questions, and apparently Haley’s birthmark means she comes from a high class werewolf family, and Tyler has taken her to what’s left of their home.
-Random werewolf man takes Haley into the house
-Sabine’s locator spell sees that Haley is deep in the bayou.
-Now Marcel and Elijah think she left on her own. NO, DON’T BELIEVE IT GUYS.
-In a meeting with Josh, Marcel confronts him with knowledge that Josh was at Klaus’s mansion.
-Klaus explains to Elijah that he met Tyler in Mystic Falls and turned him into his first hybrid. Tyler ran, and so Klaus killed his mother. …they’re really not making Klaus likable.
-Klaus plans on killing Tyler. GOOD RIDDANCE.

-Marcel brings Josh over to Davina. He wants Davina to wipe him from compulsion, and reverse it so Josh is Marcel’s minion instead. Poor baby!
-Tyler is NOT the werewolf that has been watching Haley.
-Tyler is planning on killing the baby and sticks Haley with a needle to take away her blood. He then injects her blood into mysterious hot man’s neck.
-Rebekah is upset that Marcel used her. Marcel followed her to the plantation. WELL DUH, DARLING. Honey, you have to stop loving so easily.
-Rebekah wants Marcel to prove he’s not as manipulative as Klaus. He tells her to follow him.
-Apparently a witch that Tyler ran with had psychic visions that the baby’s blood will turn werewolves into Hybrids, and Klaus will build an army with them.
-Tyler doesn’t think Klaus wants the baby, he just wants an army.
-Douchebag then forces hot man to feed on Haley. Double douchebag.
-Hot man is now a hybrid. ….damnit.

He Just Wants to Meet Boys
-Davina needs Josh to think of something else.
-Aww Josh is only 20! AND HE’S GAY. Honey, darling, come to Kyle. He just wants to meet boys. KYLE’S RIGHT HERE, BBY.
-Davina is convinced that once she destroys the witches’ magic she’ll have her normal life back. …oh no, girl. That’s not gunna happen.
-Tyler was about to kill Haley, and SHE STABS HIM IN THE CROTCH.
-After a fight with new hot man hybrid, Tyler rips out hot guy’s heart (aww) and goes after Haley, who’s run away.
-Elijah meets Haley in the woods. Yay!
-And Klaus meets Tyler. DIE, DOUCHE, DIE.

Rebekah: Gullible Girl.
-Tyler runs away from Klaus, but he chases after him.
-Marcel brings Rebekah to The Garden, where he buries vampires who break his rules. Apparently a long time ago it was the foundation area of the house that Marcel designed for Rebekah. He was going to wait for Rebekah to return, so he now buries people who betrayed him there.
-Marcel gives Rebekah a choice: Between a brother who takes away her happiness, and the man who wants to give her everything she ever wanted.
-Rebekah looks like she’s falling for it. NO, DARLING. NOO.
-Haley thinks that Klaus’s intentions are impure, and explains to Elijah. But she realizes that maybe the hybrid was sired to her instead? Oooh that’d be so much better. Queen of New Orleans!

He Should’ve Died
-During the fight with Klaus, he almost kills Tyler but because Tyler WANTS to die, Klaus doesn’t want to. NO. IDIOT. KILL HIM.
-Rebekah explains to Marcel that if you kill an Original every vampire that they’ve ever turned will also die forever.
-So Marcel wants to bury Klaus in the Garden.
-Rebekah is falling for Marcel. Stop it, Rebekah!
-Oh apparently hot hybrid’s name was Dwaine. I like hot hybrid better.
-Elijah explains that Tyler thinks Klaus already knew about the baby’s powers.
-Klaus is hurt that they always assume the worst. Elijah points out that Klaus never showed concern for Haley.
-Klaus explains that everything thinks he’s a liar and a bastard, and he’s pissed. So he decides to play the part of the man they think he is, he bites Elijah with his werewolf fangs so Elijah will start going crazy.

Haley’s Actual Name Isn’t Haley
-Davina has finally taken all of Klaus’s compulsions out of Josh.
-Marcel wants Davina to make Josh forget about her, but Josh doesn’t want her to. He likes talking to her, and he owes her his life.
-Neither of them are normal! Aww! They can be best friends! YES! They pinky swore on it. ADORBZ. Now, Josh, come to Kyle.
-Elijah stays with Haley in the area where her family was supposedly living.
-Haley doesn’t think Elijah should compare himself to Klaus. Correct! Don’t do it!
-As Haley steps out for air, she finds a book on the porch that was randomly left there.It’s a bible, with a family tree that goes back generations.
-Haley thinks she’s the last entry, Andrea Labonair, born June 6 1991. That’s her birthday!
-Rebekah goes back to Klaus, he’s drunk and explains what happened.
-Now that Elijah has abandoned Klaus, he needs Rebekah’s help for his plan against Marcel. Who better to spy on Marcel than the girl he clearly loves?
-Klaus is onto her and her run ins! He wants to know if Marcel is plotting against him, which he is.
-However, Rebekah doesn’t tell him anything. In fact, she lies and says he’s not plotting. BITCH, HE’S YOUR BROTHER.
-In the last scene, Tyler is meeting with Marcel. He tells Marcel about how Haley is carrying Klaus’s child. Now Marcel knows the secret!

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