As anxious as we all are for season 2 to arrive on July 14, we finally have the first teaser trailer giving us a look at the second season of The Newsroom. Check it out!

The first The Newsroom season 2 trailer arrived just before the season premiere of Veep tonight on HBO. It has seemed like a long time coming, and with the recent announcement of the July 14 premiere date, we are all anxious to get a glimpse of what the cast and crew has been working on since season 1 ended.

Well, the teaser certainly didn’t tell (or show) us much, but it sure whet our appetites for more. It’s nice to know that they will be back on the air, but most of us had already guessed that. The look of the teaser is quite good, but it definitely leaves a lot to be desired.

In the meantime, we can continue to speculate wildly about our favorite characters and try to guess where Sorkin will take these people next. How will things change between Jim and Maggie? What type of difficulties do you think lie in store for the crew at News Night?

Hopefully the updates will keep on coming now that we have the first teaser trailer. As we have only gotten tidbits from interviews so far, there has to be some official releases coming soon, so keep checking back for episode synopsis, cast interviews, and more.

Where do you think ‘The Newsroom’ season 2 will take our favorite characters?

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