It sounds like we will be getting a small dose of Leona Lansing in the upcoming season, and it definitely will pack a punch, as Jane Fonda can’t get enough of her character on The Newsroom.

Jane Fonda talks about her character’s appearances in The Newsroom season 2, and while it seems we may not get an abundance of Leona Lansing, the scenes we do get will be quite powerful. In this interview with Coco Peru, Jane gives us a few hints about what kinds of scenes we will get in season 2.

Well, to get Jane Fonda to talk about a scene that she “would have slept with Aaron to get,” it must have been one really exciting scene, not to mention the cursing out of Jeff Daniels’ character, Will McAvoy. The two characters will go head to head in a scene closing the seventh episode of The Newsroom season 2, and the fight includes the (absolutely fabulous) line, “Oh, shut the f$@& up you Daniel Craig wanna-be!”

We absolutely CANNOT wait for season 2 to start, but as we count the days til the premiere on July 14 and anxiously await trailers, stills, synopses, and interviews, there are sure to be more Newsroom goodies coming our way.

Are you looking forward to seeing Leona and Will face off in season 2 of ‘The Newsroom’?

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