As the season 2 premiere of The Newsroom creeps ever closer, interviews and trailers will begin to surface. So, to start us off, we have a bit of minor casting news, and Chris Messina has shared a few details about filming season 2.

Reese Lansing is back…

In an interview with Huffpost TV, Chris Messina discussed what it’s like to film both The Mindy Project and The Newsroom at the same time, and how different the two worlds are to inhabit.

There were times when I was shooting ‘The Newsroom’ at six in the morning and then I would go home and start shooting ‘The Mindy Project’. Ultimately, I’m lucky as an actor to have that as a problem. But it was pretty tiring, and I felt like my work suffered on both shows because my focus was split. But it was definitely a fun and challenging exercise to go from such different characters and roles.

It must be incredibly difficult to split time between two completely different worlds, and Messina talks about that challenge as well, “That show [The Newsroom] is so different from “The Mindy Project” in that if you don’t say a “the” or an “uh,” the script supervisor will come over and correct you. On “The Mindy Project,” the lines are tight as well, and we want to say them, but there are takes where we can get really loose and improvise. They’re two very different muscles.”

Fans of both shows are impressed with Messina’s range, especially as both characters require a certain gruffness, but are dramatically different in almost every other way. It’s also incredibly relieving to know that despite Messina’s day job at The Mindy Project, he will continue to bring Reese Lansing to The Newsroom.

Sloane’s Ex-Boyfriend

Paul GreeneWe have also learned from Canada Newswire that fans of The Newsroom will be meeting a figure from Sloane Sabbith’s past. Paul Greene, a relatively unknown actor whose filmography includes small roles in NCIS, Eastwick, and Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, will be appearing in season 2 as Sloane’s as-yet-unnamed ex-boyfriend. While details about his role are severely limited, we are certainly excited to learn more about our favorite economist’s past, so hopefully future synopses will fill in more details.

Are you excited to see that Reese Lansing is back? And what do you think will bring Sloane Sabbith’s ex-boyfriend to season 2?

Photo Credit:HBO and michael Habor (Paul Greene)

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