Last week we brought you news about the group One Million Moms and their campaign to get The New Normal off the air. Now, the show’s openly gay co-creators Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler plan on fighting back.

For their upcoming episode, where the plot revolves around Shania (Goldie’s primary school daughter) having a pretend wedding to another classmate, NBC has released a clip where her strict and deeply conservative great grandmother, Jane (played by Ellen Barkin), enlists the help of “future One Million Moms” to help her stop the wedding.

One Million Moms accused the show of “subjecting families to the decay of morals and values and the sanctity of marriage in attempting to redefine marriage,” and it’s clear that the creators have embraced these words and put them right back into Jane’s mouth, and nearly verbatim too. “I’m sure you’ve heard your parents speak to you about the sanctity of marriage?”

Through the funny exchanges between Jane and the kids, as well as their side interviews (“My uncle was gay, but we cured him. Now he’s a youth pastor.”), Ryan Murphy and Co. are able to show their audiences just how ridiculous the group is, and also send the message that they don’t feel threatened by One Million Moms. What do you think, was it wise to respond to the group or should they have ignored it?

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