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The new beasts from ‘Fantastic Beasts 2,’ ranked by most exciting

New beasts are being revealed every day for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. It’s time we ranked them by most interesting.

One of the most exciting aspects of Fantastic Beasts is seeing the actual beasts make an appearance, and discovering how they affect the plot. Some of the beasts we saw in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them we already knew from the book, while others were revealed for the first time in the movie.

With the second movie of the franchise approaching, Warner Bros. has begun to reveal the new beasts we’ll be seeing, and they’re all very exciting. Here are the new beasts of Fantastic Beasts, from least exciting to most exciting.

fantastic beasts augurey

7. Augurey

The Augurey was one of the less-interesting beasts in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book, but found new fame in Cursed Child, where its wings became a symbol of an evil movement… and on a fandom level, a symbol of everything wrong with the play.

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While the actual Augurey doesn’t seem to have much power, besides being able to predict when it’s about to rain, the myth that an Augurey’s cry foretells death still holds a lot of power. And while Newt probably knows the truth, the Augurey’s appearance behind Jacob in the trailer probably means something.

Still, the bird itself isn’t that interesting, so it’s the lowest on the list.

fantastic beasts thestrals

6. Thestrals

We’ve seen Thestrals before, of course! And while the concept was always cool, they were mostly used in the original Harry Potter books to make us reflect on how much death Harry has really seen in his life. Besides that, they didn’t get to do a lot of cool stuff.

In the trailer for the second Fantastic Beasts movie, however, Grindelwald himself is riding a chariot pulled by a bunch of Thestrals, and it honestly looks really epic. The fact that Grindelwald has chosen creatures that can only be seen by those that have witnessed death is already a big statement about Grindelwald’s history.

Even though the Thestrals aren’t technically new, their new role is awesome enough to earn them a spot on this list.

5. Baby Niffler

Nifflers aren’t new, but a baby Niffler?! Too cute to ignore. The recent photos that surfaced showing Newt and a baby Niffler, and the baby Niffler holding a coin, should be enough proof of how indisputably cute the little creature is. We don’t know if it’s just as greedy as an adult Niffler, or if it will really have anything to contribute to the plot at all, but it’s so damn cute that it deserves to be on the list.

We’re all pretty excited about the baby Niffler.

4. Chupacabra

The most recent announcement of them all, the Chupacabra will probably have a pretty important role, given that it’s getting its own Funko, and that it has ties to Johnny Depp, who has often joked (or been serious? It’s never clear) about fighting one.

So far, all we know about the Chupacabra’s appearance is how it looks as a Funko. But unlike the other beasts in Fantastic Beasts, the Chupacabra actually has something of a role in today’s culture, with some people still believing that it exists. It’ll be fun to see how it comes into play in the Wizarding World.

fantastic beasts zouwu

3. Zouwu

We know very little about this creature in the Wizarding World, other than the fact that it has its origins in China, because it hasn’t been mentioned in any books before now. Still, it has its origin in Chinese mythology, and there it is said that the Zouwu can sense danger and see the past and the future. And from what we did see in the trailer, it’s huge.

It’s always exciting to get a brand new creature, because we have no idea what its capabilities are. What will the Zouwu’s appearance bring to the table? Will its soothsaying abilities help in the fight against Grindelwald?

Even more excitingly, some fans speculate that we might be following Newt to China next, in Fantastic Beasts 3. We’ll have to wait and see.

fantastic beasts lethifold

2. Lethifold

The Lethifold is easily the scariest creature J. K. Rowling ever included in a book. It’s carnivorous, it can hide in the shadows perfectly, and it sneaks up on you while you’re sleeping. That’s all our nightmares come to life.

No Lethifolds have been announced for Fantastic Beasts, but the sight of a dark cloak-like thing flying in the middle of a city — though certainly not a tropical city, and not during the night — seems way too similar for it to be anything else. It has to be a Lethifold. And if there’s a Lethifold loose anywhere near the heroes… Merlin, this is going to be a scary movie.

(Really excited for more glimpses of the Wizarding World’s scary side.)

fantastic beasts kelpie

1. Kelpie

The Kelpie is a shapeshifting demon that lives in water. It’s classified as XXXX because of its habit of luring travelers underwater to eat them, by masquerading as a horse. However, it can be tamed with a bridle, and as we recently learned in the new Fantastic Beasts trailer, it’s possible to ride them.

One of the most intense scenes in the trailer was that of Newt riding a Kelpie in what looked like a huge tank that was swiftly filling up with water (although it’s really hard to tell exactly what is happening out of context). Where is he riding it to? Will the Kelpie use its powerful jaws to attack Newt’s enemies?

This will be yet another moment in which Newt’s unique expertise with magical beasts will be proven. Let’s hope that the Kelpie gets enough screen time, since it’s definitely the most exciting beast.

Editor’s note: Johnny Depp, who co-stars in this film, has been repeatedly accused of violence. He allegedly beat his ex-wife Amber Heard (read the accusations by Heard and Depp’s former associates). J.K. Rowling responded to the controversy. In July 2018, Depp was accused of punching a crew member on the set of a film in April 2017. Why are we telling you this?

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