‘The Mindy Project’ season 4A, explained in 5 emojis

Okay, maybe 10 emojis...

10:00 am EDT, December 9, 2015

We’re going through five of the biggest events from the first half of The Mindy Project season 4 with the helpful use of emojis to describe our feelings.

Spoilers ahead!

On paper, selectively, the first 13 episodes of season 4 was full of highs for Mindy. A baby! An engagement! A new company! But, oh, it was so full of lows. Danny peace-ing out to the West Coast for the majority of the the last four months was not ideal. That aforementioned company struggled a lot, and continues to do so, even after one successful patient.

Welcome to the world, Leo Castellano!

👶🍼 Sure, the pregnancy wasn’t planned, but sometimes the best things in life are surprises. We’ll admit, we were dubious about how The Mindy Project could incorporate a baby when it has been a work-place rom-com. But, Leo was able to shine a light on the struggles of working motherhood (at least, as much of a struggle as it gets for Mindy), and provided some comedic relief when Grandma Annette walked back into the picture.

The Mindy Project - Season 4

Danny listened to Beyonce (he liked it so he put a ring on it.)

💍💗 Danny had been married once, and because of his terrible marriage, he felt doomed to repeat the past. Psh, not with Mindy Lahiri! Looking back, it’s interesting to see that Danny didn’t want to get engaged, where it meant so much to Mindy, and now, it’s Danny who desperately wants more children, but Mindy is pushing it away as hard as she can.

The introduction of Jody and his sister.

👯 It took some time for the southerners to adjust to this very peculiar corner of New York City, but their sometimes-adversarial relationships with Schulman and Associates helped add a new layer of depth to the show. Plus, we love seeing Jody become Mindy’s guardian angel and being there for her in times of need. Which brings us to Emoji #4…

The Mindy Project - Season 4

Lahiri Fertility Center had its first patient.

🐣💸 The Lahiri Fertility Center provided the dual meaning of expanding Mindy Lahiri’s world beyond Schulman & Associates, and giving her the opportunity to break out of the boy’s club (she’s the only female doctor in the practice) and try her hand at entrepreneurship. Even though, in the end she accepted help from Jody, it was on her own terms. By the end of this first half of season 4, the clinic has seen their first patient successfully give birth, and the pride on Mindy’s face when she sees that baby makes everything worth it.

And finally, perhaps most painfully, after the events of the past two episodes:

That ambiguous winter finale!

😩😧 This show is a rom-com. Mindy Kaling, and Mindy Lahiri believe in Happily Ever Afters. Despite the vague ending (Mindy measuring the crib in her closet means she plans on moving back into her apartment, right? Or that it’s a sign she needs to break up with Danny? What does it mean?)

We find it interesting that The Mindy Project season 4, episode 13 was titled “When Mindy Met Danny,” an obvious play on the Nora Ephron classic (and this writers favorite movie), When Harry Met Sally. It doesn’t seem like there would be much parallel between the two, and we’re wary to directly point to some symbolism because TMP has already had an homage to the movie — the season 2 finale when Danny ran through the streets to New York to tell Mindy he loved her. But, we’ll see if there’s a payoff on The Mindy Project season 4, episode 14 (release date TBA).

We’re trusting The Mindy Project writers. We hope they don’t come back in 2016 and break all our hearts… 💔

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