11:30 am EST, February 4, 2015

‘The Mindy Project’ season 3, episode 15 recap: A little meatball and Harlem Brownstone

On The Mindy Project season 3, episode 15, “No More Mr. Noishe Guy,” the characters made some huge, life-altering decisions. Warning: spoilers ahead in this post!

Mindy is thriving in San Fransisco, and after three months there, it’s begun to feel like home. When Dr. Gurglar proposes they team up to start a fertility clinic – Danny included – Mindy is thrilled and ready to accept. There’s a small problem though: her meatball back home isn’t too crazy about SanFran. And we can completely understand that – traditionalist Danny Castellano just doesn’t jibe with some of the city’s aspects.

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The show, much like the rom-com movies it emulates, is about how love sometimes makes us do crazy things, and Michelle Kwan taught us all that life’s big moments happen in big leaps. MindyEP313_Scene32-33_659_hires1

When Mindy returns to New York to try to have a discussion with Danny about maybe, possibly, bringing him out to California, she realizes not everything is like she left it. Like parents whose children go to college, her office at work has been turned into the gym, with a sweaty Morgan taking his turn on the treadmill. It seems like a pretty good sign that her place in this world is now out on the West Coast.

Before she gets a chance to broach the topic, Peter announces he is moving to Texas to get back together with Lauren. When he chases her down in the airport to tell her this – after buying a $1,000 ticket to get through security – she seems pretty accepting of this, given their recent ups and downs.

Danny, at one point, says he has changed so much since they got together, but if he were to become the guy who moves to California, he might not be the kind of guy Mindy fell in love with in the first place. He is the kind of guy, however, to buy a downtrodden brownstone walk up in Harlem for the two of them to start putting roots down – like she wanted months ago. But does she still want this life in New York City? Is it okay for her to have wanted it but now want something else? Like all other relationship problems, she turns to Peter for advice.

Peter: Just tell Danny. Be honest with you. He loves you. He’ll understand.

The characters on The Mindy Project have found themselves at a cross-roads in life. Mindy could further her career in a new city – and really, what reason is there to not move out there? Well, that bombshell came at the very end of the episode. After we see her mentally making pro and cons to either moving to California or staying in New York, she and Peter have a final phone conversation.

Peter got Mindy’s results back from her check up, and she is pregnant. While all of our jaws fell to the floor, the episode ends with Mindy lying back on her bed in complete and utter shock. #ItsHappening.

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