12:00 pm EDT, August 19, 2018

‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’: What we want to see in season 2

The new trailer for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel offers hints of a spectacular season 2. Here’s what we hope we’ll see Midge get up to next.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel took us by surprise last year and proved to be truly excellent. The story about the exceptional 1950s housewife that discovers comedy was not only funny and visually stunning, but also incredibly profound.

After only eight episodes of Midge Maisel, and with a renewed respect towards Amazon Studios, we were left waiting for season 2. But a trailer has finally been released, and it seems that more episodes are just around the corner!

Here’s what we’re hoping to see in season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

mrs. maisel standup

More stand-up comedy

The highlights of season 1 were most certainly the moments when Midge got the stage for herself, and was able to show off just how clever and absolutely hilarious she is. But back then she was still only discovering comedy, and there were many shows that bombed terribly.

In season 2, we want to see more of her excellent stand-up, and truly witness her evolution from an amateur comedian to a household name. Even in today’s world, where female comedians have their own Netflix specials, there’s something that feels particularly unique and relevant about Mrs. Maisel’s sets — they speak to us on a profound level, and make us laugh even harder.

mrs. maisel susie

More Susie being a badass

Susie is an amazing character, and as much as we saw of her in season 1, we need more in season 2. Last season, we saw Susie discover Midge and slowly develop a dynamic with her, getting past her own defensiveness and reluctance to become too familiar with Midge’s world. She also learned to be more supportive and kind in helping Midge, while still pushing her out of her comfort zone to make her a better comedian.

For season 2, Susie’s career should start to gain an energy of its own, and her friendship with Midge will hopefully be stronger, no longer with the kinds of strains they had last season. Seeing Susie and Midge support each other in a man’s world, and Susie be the same badass who isn’t afraid of a challenge, would be a highlight of the second season.

mrs. maisel miriam

A healthy relationship for Midge

Joel’s presence in season 1 eventually made everyone want to gag every time he came on screen, but he was clear evidence that Midge deserves better than the kinds of guys that exist in her social circles. Her ambition, talent, and personality are too big for a relationship that constrains her… and she’s better off as a divorcee than in a marriage that keeps her from taking advantage of the amazing skills she has.

It’s obvious that Midge doesn’t need a man, but it would be nice to see her find a healthy relationship that truly inspires her and supports her, unlike her relationship with Joel. That doesn’t mean that Midge should get married — it’s fine if the relationship ends — but it would be nice to see that she gets the kind of love and respect she deserves as a professional and a person.

mrs. maisel miriam maisel

Proof that a woman can be everything

Midge Maisel is a unique character in television, even in an age when women are slowly being more encouraged to be ambitious: she’s a professional, a mother, and a socialite. Even though she’s far from a perfect character, and has flaws and struggles of her own, she succeeds almost uniquely in her genre as a woman who is trying and succeeding at being everything.

But still, with the focus largely on her failing marriage with Joel, season 1 Midge still didn’t manage to be considered a good wife… and she wasn’t really considered a real comedian, either. Now that she’s gained better footing, Midge could finally transcend any barriers holding her back from being everything she wants to be — and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel could prove that a woman doesn’t always have to choose between work and family, success and womanhood.

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