Season 2 of The Magicians wraps up tomorrow night and we have five teasers to help you prepare for the fallout.

Fans of The Magicians know that each week you have to come prepared to see some crazy shit go down. This week is no different.

With tomorrow night’s finale looming on the horizon, we thought a few teasers concerning the episode might help prepare you for some of the crazy shit to come. We screened it ahead of its Wednesday night premiere.

Read on to get a taste of what you have to look forward to!

  1. As it turns out, having your soul ripped from your body and then shoved back in doesn’t actually feel that great. Sorry, Julia and Alice, but it looks like your road to recovery may just be beginning…
  2. “Wanna put some pants on and help me save all of magic?” will be said at one point. #Relatable
  3. The season finale makes it clear that the queen of the fairies is not to be toyed with. Margo is going to be the first, of many, to learn that lesson.
  4. Plumbers — yes plumbers — may have the most important job in the universe. (Guys, this show is so bananas.)
  5. The episode contains a cliffhanger(s) so big it makes last year’s season finale laughable. Let’s just say we’re beyond relieved to know that The Magicians will be returning for a season 3 and we don’t have to spend all summer worrying about a renewal.

Make sure to tune into the season finale of The Magicians which airs tomorrow April 19, at 9 p.m. on Syfy!

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