3:59 pm EDT, November 20, 2017

‘The Magicians’ season 3 trailer, premiere date released: The time for an epic quest has come

Magic. Quests. Darkness. It’s all here in the new The Magicians season 3 trailer.

Watch the trailer below:

This is it! The wait is (almost) over and we finally have our first glimpse of The Magicians season 3, where our favorite magicians are going to embark on the quest of all quests: to bring magic back.

The world has become a darker and more desolate place without magic for these characters, and when season 3 begins we see them struggling to find what meaning is left in their lives. Everyone is affected, from Alice and Quentin, to the teachers like Dean Fogg and Professor Lispon.

Despite magic being gone from the world and magicians unable to access it, the magical creatures of Fillory have magic in their DNA, so in the trailer we see Eliot find one of those creatures and he’s sent on the quest of the century.

But even the King of Fillory can’t do this alone and he recruits his friends to help him on this journey, as he and Margo will still have to fight the fairy queen, who has taken reign of Fillory and is holding Margo’s eye in the trailer above.

Will Eliot, Quentin, Alice, Penny, Julia, Margo, Kady, Fen and Josh be able to bring magic back without losing (even more) parts of themselves in the process? We’ll have to wait until January 10 to find out!

Forgot what happened in the past two seasons? Check out this compilation to get all caught up in less than three minutes!

‘The Magicians’ returns to SyFy on January 10

And stay tuned to Hypable for even more magic later this year when we get to share all the exciting things we learned about The Magicians season 3 from our set visit.

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