Magic might be gone, but The Magicians is back!

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: The Magicians season 3 premieres on Syfy Wednesday, January 10 at 9/8c! We’ve had the amazing chance to watch the first four episodes and we can tell you that you’re in for a wild ride, and this may just be our favorite season yet.

In The Magicians season 3 premiere we find our favorite magic-wielders lost in a world without magic. If you don’t remember, Quentin killed Ember and Ember’s parents are pissed. So much so that they decided to shut off all of magic for Earth and Fillory, leaving all Magicians in a dark, grim world without hope.

Forgot what else happened? Here are a few other important things to remember before you catch the premiere tonight if you didn’t have time to binge season 2:

  • In order to save Fen and get Josh and herself out of the Fairy Realm, Margo had to give up her eye.
  • Fen & Eliot’s baby is still in the Fairy Realm.
  • The Fairy Queen is now ruling Fillory alongside (or, rather, instead of) Margo and Eliot, in exchange for giving Margo and the gang what they needed to attract Ember & Umber
  • Reynard turned out to be Our Lady Underground’s son and she asked Julia to forgive him just before she was going to kill him, resulting in Julia letting them both go.
  • After entering a forbidden room in the Library, Penny has now been diagnosed with a magical cancer and his life is at risk.
  • Alice is human again, but her antics as a Nyphin stirred up a lot of trouble and a creature called the Lamprey is after her.
  • A couple months after the end of season 2, Julia discovered she’s the only one who can do a little magic

‘The Magicians’ season 3 spoiler-free review

If the first four episodes are anything to go by, this season of The Magicians is going to be the most epic season yet. Last season we got one of the biggest showdowns just three episodes in and much like its predecessor, season 3 doesn’t hesitate to pull out all the jaw-dropping stops.

You’ll find yourself enamored with Eliot and his quest to save magic, given to him by the Great Cock, who is definitely a sight for sore eyes. You’re going to be whisked away on the Muntjac, a beautiful living boat that will help take our heroes on their quest to save magic. And you’re going to be holding your breath when the search for magic brings our characters to some pretty dark places and frightening situations.

What we love about The Magicians is that throughout the seasons these characters have to deal with some serious shit, but they grow and they evolve from it and don’t let it run their lives.

These character arcs are nuanced and the over-arching themes of depression and mental health don’t hit you on the head but constantly remind you of the struggle that everyone is going through, magic-related or not.

It’s an absolute delight watching The Magicians because while we use it for escape we also use the lessons it gives us as a crutch for our own personal issues and mental health problems we fight on the daily, and for that we’re thankful. It isn’t just a show about magic, it’s a commentary on mental health and the strength we all have to persevere.

And this show is not afraid to deal with the consequences of its actions, it doesn’t just put aside the rape Julia endured in season 1 and her struggle to get back on her feet in season 2. While many shows may have a character go through a trauma like that and “magically” heal a season or even several episodes later, The Magicians stays true to the real-world ramifications of rape.

Julia has PTSD after being raped by a trickster god and seeing her carry on and not let that moment define her is inspirational. A trauma like that doesn’t just leave you, but it also does not define you and The Magicians is persistent in letting its viewers know that. In a world plagued by sexual assault and harassment her story might just be the one we need most, and it’s not an arc we take for granted.

Of course, The Magicians also continues to pepper the season with hysterical comedy as it deals with the dark subjects it delves into and you’ll also find yourself laughing your ass off at the ridiculousness of some of it.

Quentin and Julia get drunk and do a fun dance from their younger years, Eliot and Margo have a conversation entirely in pop-culture speak, and Josh’s love for drugs and sex magic will make you laugh all in the first few episodes of the season.

We absolutely can’t wait for you all to get a glimpse of the magic The Magicians has in store for you tonight. The best genre show on TV is back, folks. And it just keeps getting better.

Catch ‘The Magicians’ on SyFy TONIGHT at 9/8c!

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