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The Lightning Thief Musical has offered up romantic Percabeth photos and wants to know if we want a cast recording.

As we previously reported, a musical adaptation of Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief is coming to off-Broadway, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ll keep you abreast of all the developments, and there have been several very important ones this week.

Most importantly, the musical’s Twitter account wants to know if we want a cast recording. If you want one (and trust us, you want one!), be sure to respond in the Google Doc to make this a reality. It’s especially important for Percy Jackson fans who aren’t lucky enough to live in NYC, so they can at least listen to Percy, Annabeth, and Grover sing their hearts out. We promise you’ll get these songs stuck in your head!

We got our first promotional image from the show, and it’s everything Percabeth shippers could want! It’s Percy (Chris McCarrell) and Annabeth (Kristin Stokes) looking adorable, with the Empire State Building in the background. Check it out:

Proving this production’s commitment to being faithful to the source material, Kristin Stokes went to get her hair dyed this week, to ensure Annabeth would be sufficiently blonde. Broadway World made a photo essay of the dyeing, so sticklers for appearances can rest easy about Annabeth. As to the rest of the characters, it may be difficult for them to look exactly like their characters because most of the cast play multiple roles throughout the show.

Lastly, Rick Riordan wrote about how he signed a bunch of posters from the musical while he was in Manhattan. We don’t yet know how these posters will be distributed, but it’s another incentive for Riordan’s fans to see the musical. As Riordan’s books have grown steadily more popular, his signature has grown more elusive. This writer was lucky enough to buy a signed Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods at the last incarnation of this musical.

The Lightning Thief Musical begins previews next week, on March 23, at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. It will run until May 6. Tickets are between $65 and $85, and can be purchased on their official website,

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