7:45 pm EDT, August 23, 2013

‘The Legend of Korra’ webseries ‘Republic City Hustle’ concludes

The third part of Republic City Hustle went live today, bringing the story of Mako and Bolin’s difficult youth to a close.

Republic City Hustle concluded today with the third episode in the webseries. The previous two episodes shed (adorable) light on Mako and Bolin’s life as Republic City street rats, focusing on their life of crime and how they came to adopt Pabu. Watch the new installment right here:

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Legend of Korra: “Republic City Hustle: Part 3”

This week, the story ends with the big pro-bending match which the legendary earthbender Toza has agreed to throw for Shady Shin. Mako and Bolin watch anxiously for different reasons – Bolin wants Toza to do the right thing and play honestly, while Mako knows that the brothers’ standing with Shin is in jeopardy if the fixed game goes awry.

But just when it seems like Toza is going along with the plan, he furrows his brow and takes out the entire opposing team, winning the match. Bolin is delighted, and yells out that Toza did as he recommended. A furious Shady Shin starts to fight the boys until Toza shows up to defend them.

As Lightning Bolt Zolt watches, Toza returns the triad’s money and offers to house and train Mako and Bolin. Shady Shin tries to play on Mako’s responsibility to get him to return with the gangsters, but Mako’s moral sense prevails (Bolin’s teary face doesn’t hurt either), and Mako agrees to stay with Toza. Shin shrugs and leaves, though not without a parting offer of future crooked dealings.

“I’m so glad we’re not criminals anymore!” Bolin cries, and the brothers embark on their new, somewhat safer life with Toza.

Republic City Hustle was a wonderful peek back in time, and gave us a sensitive portrait of what both Mako and Bolin went through on their way to becoming the young men they are in The Legend of Korra. Written by Tim Hedrick and designed by Evon Freeman, both the writing and art style were sweetly executed, but could still pack a strong emotional punch.

The Legend of Korra returns for its second season, “Book 2: Spirit,” on Sept. 13 at 7 pm. Stay tuned to Hypable for a very exciting celebration of our Avatariffic adventures!

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