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Six most emotional moments of ‘The Legend of Korra’ series finale

By Michal Schick | Edited by Donya Abramo

The Legend of Korra series finale was hugely epic, uncompromisingly intimate, and it made us feel all the things. Here are our top moments!

If you’ve already experienced the roller coaster that was The Legend of Korra series finale, you know that it was feels-central. We narrowed down the top six moments that will haunt us with joy and grief for the foreseeable future – are they the same as yours?

Varrick proposes to Zhu Li

Okay, it was a little sudden (though we have no problem believing that Varrick carries a ring around in his pocket) but darn, it felt good to see Varrick recognize his feelings for the indispensable Zhu Li – and for Zhu Li to finally get what she wanted! Watching these two mismatched geniuses promise to “do the thing” at the end of the episode was just icing on the cake.


Korra saves Kuvira from the spirit cannon

In one of the most unexpected moments of The Legend of Korra series finale, Korra risks her life to shield Kuvira from the deadly beam of the out-of-control spirit cannon. A true blossoming of Korra’s compassion and empathy for her enemy, this powerful image flawlessly illustrated just how far Korra has come over the past four seasons.


Mako and Bolin in the Colossus

Poop got insanely real inside the Colossus, but Mako and Bolin probably had the worst of it. When their attempt to shut down the spirit vine power source failed, Mako took it upon himself to overheat the vines with lightning – a decision that both he and Bolin thought would cost his life.

We were deeply moved by Bolin’s decision to let his brother stay behind, and we have never been so proud of our once-sullen firebender as we were watching him duel with otherworldly power – with the intention of losing. When Bolin ducked back into danger to save his brother didn’t feel like a foregone conclusion, but rather his own Hail Mary move that he would always make for Mako.


Hiroshi’s sacrifice

Okay, we totally called this one, but it was still an incredibly powerful moment. Hiroshi’s decision to sacrifice himself for Asami was the perfect parallel to the end of season 1, where the inventor went all “Bad Dad” and tried to kill his daughter. His circle of repentance is complete, and provided a tragic, bittersweet end to Asami’s troubled relationship with her father.


Kuvira accepts her fate

This is a subtle one, but we can’t deny how powerful we found it. The end of The Legend of Korra series finale allowed us to see Kuvira not as a power-hungry dictator, but as a real person. The sub-space of the Spirit World allowed Korra to coax a compelling honesty out of her metalbending nemesis, with heartbreaking results.

The idea that Kuvira felt that the Earth Empire had been abandoned like she had, that her nation needed her to take care of it, was a delicate and sad explanation for the Great Uniter’s behavior. This confession allowed Kuvira (alone among Korra’s antagonists)the dignity of voluntary surrender. Kuvira’s sad origins, and her willingness to accept her punishment offer a bittersweet hope for her future, and leaves fans with a fascinating, complicated character to consider and debate long after the story has ended.


KorrAsami happens!

Holy ostrich-horses, guys. It happened. We thought The Legend of Korra series finale might leave us with a different outcome when Korra and Mako had their heartfelt conversation, or that shipping conclusions would be left to the fans’ imaginations.

But Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino did no such thing. Korra and Asami had a heartfelt conversation outside Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding, where the two were as honest and as supportive with each other as they ever have been – and their connection was undeniable.

Whether or not you feel that Korra and Asami will immediately strike off into a romantic relationship, or you think they might still be getting there slowly, the final shot of The Legend of Korra series finale made our hearts literally stutter with joy. Seeing Korra and Asami together, hopeful, and above all, happy, was a gorgeous and moving way to send these beloved characters off into the spirit-light of their future together.

We’ll miss them deeply. But we’re so glad to know they will have each other.


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