5:01 pm EDT, July 25, 2014

Here’s what we learned from ‘The Legend of Korra’ panel at SDCC

Coming on the heels of tumultuous scheduling news, The Legend of Korra shared news, a sing-a-long, and episode screening. Here’s what we learned!

1) What’s the deal with the ‘Switch to digital?’

According to co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino, Nickelodeon had previously considered airing The Legend of Korra season 3 online, and reversed their decision at the start of Book 3. Konietzko divulged that show’s internet viewing numbers have always been “huge,” and said that he considers the switch to streaming part of a “sea-change in the industry.”

“It really has no effect on what the show is, or the story we’re telling,” DiMartino promised the crowd.

2) What will the show’s airing schedule be from now on?

The co-creators reiterated the news that The Legend of Korra season 3 will be streamed weekly on Nickelodeon.com. The show will return to a schedule of one episode per week, with the exception of the two-episode season finale.

3) What happens in ‘The Terror Within?’

After getting the scheduling information out of the way, The Legend of Korra season 3, episode 8 was screened early for fans. Without spoiling too much, here’s what we can tell you:

– Kale is love.
– Lava-bending is legit.
– Mako is good at math.
– Varrick knows what’s up.
– Secret tunnels are evil.
– Trust no one.

4) Does Janet Varney like Korra?

After the episode screening, Mike DiMartino shared questions from fans. Janet Varney (the voice of Korra) admitted that she is often asked whether or not she likes her own character. The answer is yes. Though headstrong and impetuous, Varney said that she loves Korra’s growth. “She’s… very human,” Varney said.

5) Is Mindy Sterling anything like Lin Beifong?

After laughing at the question, Sterling – appearing for the first time on a Legend of Korra panel – confessed that she does see a few similarities between herself and Lin. Though the chief of police is more brusque and businesslike that Sterling, the prolific voice actress said that she shared a certain femininity with Lin – as well as some emotional baggage.

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6) What’s coming next on ‘The Legend of Korra’ season 3?

Between several line-tests and a brief preview narrated by Shiro Shinobi, the Comic-Con crowd got a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. Fans can expect bending battles galore between heroes and villains, a high-stakes game of Pai Sho, and – perhaps most terrifyingly – at least one scene with Korra bound, gagged, and completely helpless.

Seriously, it’s going to be crazy.

7) When will Book 4 air?

Though no date was given, Konietzko and DiMartino did suggest that Book 4 – currently in production – will be released much sooner than anticipated. Konietzko noted that this year’s Legend of Korra panel would likely be the show’s last big event at San Diego Comic-Con, and said that he and DiMartino aim to have a presence at New York Comic Con in October.

Whenever the final book of The Legend of Korra does air, it’s sure to be equally emotional and exciting. “We don’t know how to make a show that’s entertaining and exciting, but nothing bad ever happens,” Konietzko noted. “We haven’t figured that out yet.”

The Legend of Korra season 3, episode 8, “The Terror Within,” will be streamed online on Nickeldeon.com tonight.

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