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‘The Leftovers’ season 2 premiere: 10 things to know about Miracle, TX

The Leftovers season 2 premiere bused viewers into the hype surrounding Jarden, Texas. But the city of zero departures is not as blessed at the world believes.

If you tuned into the first seven minutes of The Leftovers season 2 premiere, you may have checked the info box more than once to make sure you were watching the right show. Flashbacks typically reveal important details about characters’ lives that will affect the plot unfolding in the present. So what about the primitive inhabitants of modern day Texas will affect The Leftovers second season?

We’re not sure yet. The Leftovers not only changed locations, it changed perspectives as well. Episode one takes you inside the hamlet of Jarden, Texas and turns the focus on the Murphy family. Here’s what we learned about our new home for season 2.

10 facts to know about Jarden, TX

The Leftovers season 2 trailer feature

1. The Murphy’s role in town

The biggest shift in the season opener was the focus on a new family, the Murphys of Jarden, TX. John Murphy, the patriarch of the household is a firefighter and ex-con who was locked up for six years for attempted murder. Unsurprising as we saw the darker side of his temper play out over the episode. His wife, Erika Murphy, is a nurse at the hospital and harborer of her own personal secrets.

Twins, Evangeline and Michael Murphy, have their own things to sort out as they come of age in this Miracle town. Michael sells water from the town’s spring and collects donations for the Baptist church he is actively involved with. Evie is more of a free spirit who would rather hang out with her friends, practice softball, and take part in some rather unconventional nude running exercises. Evie suffers from what her parents believe is epilepsy and sometimes “goes away.” We do not expect that to be the root cause of her episodes.

2. A hawk eye view

The opening of The Leftovers season 2 sent audiences into the modern day Jarden with an uneasy feeling. Earthquakes, spring water, ominous hawks, all return in some form throughout the episode, but it is unlikely that the prehistoric woman and her baby are ever going to turn up again.

3. Outsiders vs. Insiders

The Leftovers season 2 neighbors

For an admission fee you can visit the city of Jarden, TX for the day. Marked with a wristband that separates you from the locals, visitors can bask in the glory of the town that was spared. For some it is a holy retreat, for others it is a place to get a magnet and a tshirt to show off to their friends back home. Everyone in town takes advantage of the outsiders interest in finding a bit of comfort and peace before returning to a world without it.

4. An all seeing reading

One particular peddler in town, is Issac, a friend of John Murphy who can read people’s hands and see their future. John is a skeptic. Everything from organized religion to seers, John turns his nose up at those looking to sway another’s opinion for profit. Issac especially bothers John since it seems that his “gift” arrived at a most convenient time when their was money to be made.

5. Liars get the fire

John Murphy is not only a skeptic, but he is a leader. As a firefighter with a group of lackeys at his beck and call, John takes his high school English class readings and puts them into action as he takes his fire crew and sets fire to Issac’s home rather than putting one out. Issac is spreading false knowledge and for that he must be taught a lesson.

6. A new preacher in town

The Leftovers season 2 Reverand

Matt Jamison, the missionary and man of God, is taking over the church in Jarden as the preacher recovers from a surgical procedure. In his first appearance, Reverend Jamison, the first returning cast member to make an appearance, expresses his awe at Jarden’s story. But as he goes to speak freely about his experience with the Departure, he is cut off for fear of upsetting the congregation.

7. Sacrifice

Some extremists in Jarden are treated with a blasé attitude and are sure to pop up throughout the second season. The first, a man who lives a top a pillar in town, only eats what others bring him and doesn’t seem to stir up any trouble. But the man who walks into the eatery and slaughters a goat as people enjoy their bacon and eggs may take some getting used to.

8. The Garvey house

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Kevin Garvey and his family set John Murphy on edge even more than he already was throughout the episode. Kevin, returning this season with bandaids plastered to his forehead, is not exactly winning him over with his staring into the distance and conversationalist attitude. After all, we know the Kevin from Mapleton and even to an audience this act is transparent. Nora, however, is beaming in their new home with Lily, the baby Tommy rescued, and Jill.

9. The Earth moves

The earthquakes in Jarden are all too frequent. Perhaps the crumbled roadway, marked off as a tourist spot and the final great shake are all indicators that something is heading Jarden’s way and it is not going to make life any easier for those who live under the microscope of the world.

10. Nothing good lasts

Taking into account everything we know about The Leftovers universe, the impending destruction of Miracle, TX is inevitable. The past, no matter how hard the churches, individual citizens, and outsiders try to forget about it, is important. Jarden has existed on eggshells for nearly three years — it’s high time for them to return to the surface and face reality.

Watch The Leftovers season 2, episode 2, “A Matter of Geography,” Sunday, October 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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