The Leftovers returns tonight with season 2, episode 7. Will Kevin finally figure out the key to getting rid of Patti Levin?

Update: Tonight’s episode of The Leftovers presented a HUGE twist! Is (spoiler) really dead? Check out our recap for analysis.

If you are not watching The Leftovers season 2, we’re not sure what else you are doing with your time. The show has seen little fanfare across the board and perhaps the subject matter has a bit to do with it. You will not feel great watching it; in fact it may put a damper on your Sunday night dreams. But if you give it a chance, you will be rewarded with a brilliant study in character development.

The Leftovers season 2 episode 7 kevin murphy

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The Leftovers season 2 is more than halfway over and as the final four episodes approach, more layers have been added to the series than taken away. Kevin Garvey is no longer the primary focus of the series, but takes his moments in the spotlight through various episodes. The same is true for the other characters of the series. Nora Durst and Erika Murphy took over episode 6 and presented two incredibly strong women each struggling to find something good left in their reality to keep them from going insane. But nothing like that exists in their worlds.

Tonight’s episode, “A Most Powerful Adversary,” pulls the strings of the competing storylines tighter together when Laurie arrives in Miracle and presents Kevin with an interesting proposal. Patti Levin, however, has other plans for Kevin, and their confrontation hits an interesting intersection that explains some of Kevin’s more radical behavior these past few months.

Watch The Leftovers season 2, episode 7, “A Most Powerful Adversary,” tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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