3:44 pm EST, December 10, 2015

‘The Leftovers’ gets a well deserved season 3, Lindelof reacts

By Brittany Lovely | Edited by Donya Abramo

The Leftovers season 3 is happening at HBO in 2016! Damon Lindelof responds to the news.

In one of the more shocking renewals of 2015, The Leftovers will see a third and final season at HBO in 2016. The series, which uprooted the entire setting and moved the characters to Texas, had one of the most critically acclaimed seasons on television.

After introducing new characters, a new setting, and new supernatural elements to the series, Damon Lindelof and author of the book upon which the series is based Tom Perrotta, accomplished the impossible — they reinvented the series without losing the mystery, allure, and raw, often painful truths of the characters established in the first season.

Lindelof responded to the news stating,

I have never, ever experienced the level of creative support and trust that I have received from HBO during the last two seasons of The Leftovers. Tom [Perrotta], myself and our incredible team of writers and producers put tremendous care into designing those seasons as novels unto themselves…with beginnings, middles and ends. As we finished our most recent season, it became clear to us that the series as a whole was following the same model…and with our beginning and middle complete, the most exciting thing for us as storytellers would be to bring The Leftovers to a definitive end. And by ‘definitive,’ we mean ‘wildly ambiguous but hopefully mega-emotional,’ as all things related to this show are destined to be.

On behalf of our incredible crew and superb cast, we are all tremendously grateful that HBO is giving us an opportunity to conclude the show on our own terms…an opportunity like this one rarely comes along, and we have every intention of living up to it. One more thing. We are blessed by the unwavering support of our fans and the incredibly powerful voice of the critical community. We feel absolutely privileged to heat up one last helping of leftovers.

The Leftovers is hard to watch. Plain and simple. It enters the Sunday night lineup each week on HBO with a period not an exclamation mark. Season 2 did more leg work to reveal a few supernatural elements at work in The Leftovers universe. It did not, however, ever approach answering the question, “Why?”

There are certainly no viewers of the show asking HBO “Why?” today!

You can catch up on season 2 of The Leftovers on HBO Now.

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