Mockingjay – Character Bios

Former District Twelve Residents

Katniss Everdeen

The trilogy’s protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, who has survived two trips into an arena where she thought she would face her death, only to make it out alive on both occasions, is now Soldier Everdeen to those in District Thirteen, her new home since her previous home, District Twelve, has been destroyed. The seventeen year-old master of archery has fought her way into a dangerous situation with both President Snow and President Coin. As the Mockingjay, she’s in the middle of the two power-hungry presidents and, on top of that, she has a best friend with feelings for her that he’s making well known and a fellow former tribute who’s been taken to a dangerous place and she just wants him back. At some point, she’ll have to make a choice between them.

Peeta Mellark

Peeta Mellark, the boy with the bread, Katniss’s once savior has been taken hostage by the Capitol after the blowout ending of the 75th Hunger Games, the Third Quarter Quell. Beaten and bloody, he’s forced to take the stage against District Thirteen and Katniss, the girl with whom he’s been in love for the last twelve years. After giving warning to District Thirteen of a planned attack, he is “hijacked” by the capitol. This is the worst form of torture that the capitol has to offer. Those in District Thirteen are informed upon his rescue from that capitol that all of his fond memories of Katniss have been turned to fear and he longs to kill her, to slaughter the girl from his nightmarish fake memories. Somehow, he has to force back these memories if he’s going to help District Thirteen take down the Capitol.

Gale Hawthorne

Gale Hawthorne, who spent the last few years in the woods surrounding District Twelve, is now living in District Thirteen with the other survivors of the capitol’s attack on his former home. Here, he is known as Soldier Hawthorne and is a high enough official to have his own Communicuff. In District Thirteen, he works with Beetee to develop weapons and traps for the war against the Capitol. He puts his knowledge of snares and basic instincts to good use as he designs deadly traps, almost like human snares, for the rebellion to use against the oppressive capitol. He states that he’s following the same rule book as President Snow while making these weapons, whether it’s cruel or not.

Primrose Everdeen

Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’s little sister with the duck-tailed blouse has come a long way and matured a lot since her name was drawn in the reaping over a year before. Even so, she still loves Buttercup just as much as ever; she even risks her life to make sure that the cat is safe when the warning comes in from Peeta about the upcoming attack on District Thirteen. In her new home of District Thirteen, Prim is studying to be a doctor and she, along with her mother, tends to the patients, mostly those injured through war efforts. However, as grown up as she may have become and as much good as she’s doing by saving lives, it may not be the safest place for the duck-tailed girl with the golden locks.

Haymitch Abernathy

Haymitch Abernathy, known by all of Panem for his drunken head dive off of the reaping stage in Katniss’s first trip to the Hunger Games, is now living in District Thirteen as well. He helped with the escape from the Third Quarter Quell and he doesn’t much enjoy his time in District Thirteen because he doesn’t have access to his precious liquor. Throughout Mockingjay, he and Katniss are generally at odds with one another due to the fact that he wants what’s best for the country and he wants her to do as she’s told, whereas Katniss likes to play by her own rules and tends to follow her gut instincts and acts on her own orders.

After enough threats, he manages to do his job and reign her in enough to get her to go along with him…for the most part. As the winner of the Second Quarter Quell, Haymitch has his own score to settle with the Capitol, but he still has a heart beneath the toughened skin the Hunger Games gave him and he remains a good mentor to Katniss through everything.


Buttercup is Prim’s cat from her days in District Twelve. He was left behind when the Capitol attacked and Katniss found him in their untouched house in the Victor’s Village. Wary of Katniss as always, he refused to go near her at first, but gave in once she mentioned Prim. She stuffed him away in her game bag and returned him to her sister in District Thirteen where he was happy to be back with the girl who had once rescued him as a mangy kitten.

Mrs. Everdeen

Katniss’s mom also escapes to District Thirteen after the District Twelve attack. Here, she works as a healer, putting the vast knowledge of plants and natural healing to use on the war victims. In the end, she remains in District Thirteen because she thinks that returning to District Twelve would be too painful.

Greasy Sae

Greasy Sae managed to escape from District Twelve with Gale and the others and she works as the cook in District Thirteen. She manages to make due with what she’s given, but she hates that she’s only allowed to cook certain things. When Katniss returns to District Twelve in the end, Greasy Sae stays with her and takes care of her after the trauma of the war.

Hazelle Hawthorne

Hazelle is Gale’s mother. She worked washing people’s laundry in District Twelve until Gale was caught for hunting. She escaped to District Thirteen after the District Twelve attack.

Posy Hawthorne

Posy is Gale’s five-year-old sister. Her favourite colour is pink and when she meets Octavia, she asks why she’s green and whether she’s sick. When Octavia nearly cries and tells her it’s supposed to be pretty, Posy tells her she would look pretty in any colour.

Delly Cartwright

Delly is a sweet girl who always seems to see the best in people. She lost her family during the escape from the attack on District Twelve. Despite that, she manages to keep a smile on her face and a place in her heart for everyone.

Capitol Denizens

President Snow

President Snow is the leader of the Capitol. Until the rebellion, he was the leader of all of Panem. He is a terribly cruel leader. He allows the Hunger Games to happen and does all in his power to keep it going. He does a lot to show the citizens that that they don’t stand a chance and that he will always win. When he had Peeta and the others held captive, he ordered them to be tortured for information.


Venia is a member of Katniss’s Hunger Games prep team. She has gold facial tattoos. Katniss says she was always the strongest of the three. She tells Katniss about how they were taken the night of the breakout from the arena.


Flavius is another member of Katniss’s Hunger Games prep team. He is the only male member and he has bright orange corkscrew curls. He, like the other two, cares very much about Katniss.


Octavia is also a member of Katniss’s Hunger Games prep team. She, like the other members, was held hostage in District Thirteen. She has green skin and once rescued, she is asked by Posy as to why it’s that way. In tears, she says it’s supposed to be pretty and Posy tells her she would be pretty in any colour.

Caesar Flickerman

Caesar Flickerman is the man who has done the interviews for the Hunger Games for the last forty years, always in his twinkling midnight blue suit. He interviews Peeta after the escape from the arena, asking whether Peeta knew about the breakout, whether he thought Katniss was involved, and what he thought about the rebellion.


Tigris is a former stylist from the Hunger Games. She now owns a shop in the Capitol. She clearly harbors ill feelings toward the Capitol because they replaced her. She has such extreme body modifications that she looks like a human tiger with stripes on her face and whiskers.

Former Tributes

Finnick Odair

Finnick Odair spends a great deal of his time in the hospital after his breakout from the arena in the 75th Hunger Games. He and Katniss form a friendship during their time together in District Thirteen as both of them have some special to them being held prisoner by the Capitol. Finnick shares in a propo that he, like other victors, had his body sold out to anyone willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money. To absolve their guilt, people who try to give him gifts, but instead, he collected their secrets and he uses them to turn people against Snow in the propo. Eventually he gets Annie back from the Capitol and it’s clear just how much he loves her. Finnick is a true warrior in the fight for peace.

Annie Cresta

Annie Cresta was captured by the Capitol after Finnick broke out of the 75th Hunger Games. Her trip into the Hunger Games left her broken, but that didn’t stop her love for Finnick and she marries him upon her safe return to him. When she gets nervous, her hands fly up to cover her ears to protect herself from reality.


Beetee was a former Victor who participated in the 75th Hunger Games. He was part of the plan to escape and he works in District Thirteen designing weapons. He is a genius when it comes to electronics and wiring as he is originally from District Three. He works with Gale to design the human snares and he makes Katniss’s new bow and arrows for the war.

Johanna Mason

Johanna Mason was a former Victor who participated in the 75th Hunger Games. She was capture after the breakout, but she managed to cut Katniss’s tracking device out of her arm. When they rescue her, she has an addiction to Morphling, a pain relieving drug. After spending time together in the hospital, she and Katniss become friends.


Enobaria was a former Victor from District 2 who was chosen to participate in the 75th Hunger Games. When the arena blew out, she was still alive and was taken by the Capitol in case she might be a part of the rebellion. Even though she wasn’t, Katniss negotiated for her pardon from District Thirteen because she hadn’t been a part of the plan to


Lyme is a former Victor from District Two and she is the leader of the rebellion in their district. She is working to break into The Nut there, the giant mountain that serves as a holding place for Capitol aircrafts and a great deal of the Peacekeeping force. She works hard to get District Two to align with the rebellion.

District Thirteen Residents

President Coin

President Coin is the leader of District Thirteen and the rebellion. She is a cruel woman and she doesn’t even want to let Peeta live if they win the war, but Katniss negotiates to keep him and the other captive victors safe. She doesn’t even care whether or not Katniss makes it through the war once Katniss has successfully rallied the other districts to be a part of the rebellion because she doesn’t feel that Katniss has any more of a purpose other than to die and become a martyr to drive the rebellion further. When they do win the war, Coin wants to hold a new Hunger Games with the children of Capitol officials as the tributes.

Plutarch Heavensbee

Plutarch Heavensbee was the Head Gamemaker of the 75th Hunger Games and he was part of the rebellion who blew up the arena. He now lives in District Thirteen and helps orchestrate the propos and fighting against the Capitol. He is rather at odds with President Coin at times though due to his extravagant nature and need for bigger and fancier things. He even wants a bigger wedding for Finnick and Annie.


Boggs is Coin’s right hand man and when Katniss agrees to become the Mockingjay, he is assigned to keep her alive. He travels with her when she goes to film propos. He is the leader of Squad 451, the squad of sharp shooters used for rebel propos from inside the Capitol. He leads Katniss, Gale, Peeta, and the other members out for the filming when they run into pods, dangerous defensive mechanisms set up by the Capitol.

Fulvia Cardew

Fulvia Cardew is Plutarch’s assistant and she’s always at his side. Originally from the Capitol, she is naturally quite wasteful and she is given extremely dirty looks when she throws away a piece of paper. The idea to do a scripted propo with Katniss was her idea, but that was an utter flop. Later, she proposes the idea to do propos for the lost tributes like Rue.


Cressida is the director of the rebel’s propos. She is from the Capitol and she has body modifications. She is with Katniss and the others filming the propos in Eight when they are attacked and she is the one that gets Katniss to give her great speech against the Capitol. She also goes to the Capitol with Squad 451 to film propos.


Pollux is from the Capitol. He helped film the propos along with his brother Castor. Pollux is an Avox. He spent five years working underground in the Capitol and when he is there with Squad 451, he is reluctant to go underground, but he does and he leads the group through bravely.


Castor is the brother of Pollux. He is a cameraman from the Capitol, but he joins the rebellion with his brother and he also films the propos. He spent five years saving up and finally paid Pollux’s way out from working underground. He also goes to the Capitol with Squad 451 for propos.


Messalla is Cressida’s assistant. He helps her as she films the propos and he goes to the Capitol with Squad 451 to film propos. He even helps them find food when they have to hide out in one of the Capitol apartments because he lived in one just like it.

Leeg 1

Leeg 1 is a young soldier from District Thirteen and she looks so much like her sister that she is given the title Leeg 1 to distinguish her from her sister when they are sent to the Capitol as part of Squad 451. She breaks down after the death of her sister.

Leeg 2

Leeg 2 is the sister of Leeg 1. She is sent to the Capitol as part of Squad 451, but she is the first to be killed when she sets off a pod that has been mislabeled. The night after her death, she is replaced in the Squad by Peeta.


Jackson is also a member of Squad 451. After the death of Boggs, she orders Katniss to give her the Holo, a device that shows all of the pods, but Katniss is won’t and is unable to because Boggs left the Holo to her anyway. Jackson is upset about this, but she leads the group through the Capitol anyway.


Mitchell is another member of Squad 451 because he is such an amazing shooter. He is said to be able to shoot the dust off of boots from fifty yards away. He’s described as being an older guy who isn’t very talkative. He is the worst actor in the group, and Katniss is sad to see that there is actually someone worse than her. Before his death, he saves Katniss from Peeta during one of Peeta’s hijacked rages.


Homes is a member of Squad 451 who is also described as able to shoot the dust off boots and quiet. He is the one that convinces Jackson that Boggs really did leaver the Holo to Katniss.


Commander Paylor is in charge of the rebel efforts in District Eight. Katniss meets her when she visits the sick and wounded before the makeshift hospital is bombed in an air attack by the Capitol.