The Hunger Games – Character Bios

Katniss Everdeen

When a mining accident killed her father at age eleven, Katniss practically became orphaned when her mother became deeply depressed. The family became reliant on Katniss for their well-being as she began hunting illegally outside of the District 12 walls with best friend, Gale Hawthorne. Years later during the reaping of the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss’ sister Primrose was unexpectedly reaped, prompting Katniss to volunteer in her place in what many believed would be sure death.

In the Capitol preparing for the Games, Katniss is introduced to her stylist Cinna, who creates a stunning flaming unitard, earning Katniss the nickname of the ‘Girl on Fire.’ During training, Katniss grows angered at the lack of attention she is earning from the Gamemakers and fires an arrow in their direction prompting them to give her a training score of 11, the highest of all twenty-four tributes. In the Hunger Games, Katniss relies on her natural outdoorsmanship abilities to survive and avoid the pursuit of the others, though that strategy quickly changes as she forms an alliance with Rue, the littlest and youngest tribute from District 11.

The alliance is unfortunately short lived, as a plan to destroy the supplies of the other tributes backfires leaving Katniss deaf in one ear, and Rue vulnerable for attack where she is killed by District 1 tribute Marvel, leaving Katniss devastated. Instead of worrying for her own safety, Katniss takes the time to adorn Rue’s body with nearby flowers, before facing the cameras and giving Panem the three-finger salute, a gesture meaning goodbye to a loved one. This sign of respect would later save her life.

Shortly afterwards, it is announced that both district’s tributes would be declared the winners if they were the last two remaining. Katniss immediately makes it her goal to reunite herself with Peeta Mellark, her fellow District 12 tribute. After a short search, she finds him barely alive on the edge of a stream, a deep gash draining him of the life he has left. As the daughter of a highly regarded healer, Katniss takes the time to nurse him back to health, as the other tributes kill each other while they hid. Finally feeling better, Katniss and Peeta make their way to the Cornucopia of the arena, and decide to finally have their fates decided, one way or another.

When a Muttation attack claims the life of the only remaining tribute, neither Katniss or Peeta are declared the winner, prompting them to realize they were deceived about the previous announcement about them both being able to win. Not wanting to live while the other dies, Katniss devises a plan that would kill them both. Before they could execute the plan however, another announcement is made declaring them the first ever co-winners, and the official winners of the 74th Hunger Games.

Primrose Everdeen

Much like her mother, Prim shows an affinity for healing from early on. Unlike her sister Katniss, who would run away from the sight of injury, Prim is often helping her mother heal the wounded. During the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games, she is assured by Katniss that she had nothing to worry about. After receiving no tesserae payments, her name would only be entered one time. It comes as a shock to the entire district, that despite the odds, Prim was selected as the girl tribute to represent District 12 in the Hunger Games. Her spot is quickly volunteered for however, as Katniss immediately, and frantically takes her place.

Mrs. Everdeen

Mrs. Everdeen grew up in the Merchant area of District 12, being much better off than she would later become living in the Seam. While working in her father’s apothecary, Mrs. Everdeen became an expert in healing, and was often sought after to help treat ailments. After meeting Mr. Everdeen, she quickly moved in with him, leaving her previous life behind. After losing the love of her life in a mine explosion years later, Mrs. Everdeen became deeply depressed, often neglecting the care and welfare of her two children, Katniss and Prim. A period of time Katniss would never forgive her for.

Mr. Everdeen

A hard-working man, Mr. Everdeen was born and raised in the Seam, within the poorer area of District 12. Blessed with impressive skills with the bow, it was he who taught and trained Katniss the in and outs of the weapon. Most known for his prominent singing abilities, it is said that when he sang even the birds stopped to listen. Mr. Everdeen was killed in a tragic mine explosion when Katniss was just eleven years old.


Buttercup is an unsightly looking tom cat, who Prim adores and often seeks out for comfort. Seen as nothing more than ‘another mouth to feed’ by Katniss, Buttercup and her have a very love-hate relationship which started when Katniss previously attempted to drown the cat. The only time the two do get along is when Katniss feeds Buttercup the entrails of her days catch from hunting in the woods.


One day after a successful hunt, Katniss and Gale went looking for a proper 10th birthday present for Katniss’ sister Prim. Thinking of initially getting her a hairbrush or materials for a new dress, Katniss opted for the goat knowing the love her sister had for animals, and her natural ability to care for them. Purchasing the goat saved its life, as it was badly injured at the time after a series of attacks by wild dogs. As expected, Prim was able to heal the goat back to full health, in return providing the family with a much-needed source of milk, cheese and money.

Peeta Mellark

Peeta Mellark was born the youngest of three sons by the Baker and his wife. Known most for the production and beautiful designs of their cakes, it was assumed that the Mellark’s were better off than most people in District 12. Out of all of the possibilities, Katniss Everdeen is most distraught with the reaping of Peeta Mellark, a boy she felt indebted towards. At her lowest time, after the death of her father, it was Peeta who provided Katniss with the hope and determination she needed to continue.

Unknown to Katniss, Peeta was deeply in love with her, even saying as much during his portion of the interview segment before the Games. Thinking it was nothing more than a ruse, Katniss made a mental note that her biggest adversary in the Games would be the boy with the bread. The night before the games, while on the roof of the training building Peeta makes mention of wanting to remain true to himself, refusing to become just another piece in the Capitol’s games. When the Hunger Games do begin, Peeta shockingly joins the career tributes of Districts 1, 2, and 4, further alienating himself from Katniss.

What she doesn’t know is that Peeta joined the career tributes as a way to protect her from them. His intentions become clear when after a tracker jacker attack, Peeta urges her to get away from the scene, saving her in the process and being badly wounded in his left leg, which ultimately must be amputated. After the announcement that same district tributes can both win if they are the last two remaining, Katniss finds Peeta camouflaged and laying near death on the side of a stream.

Finding a small cave for protection, Peeta’s wounds are slowly treated and healed the best they can be, until they both feel well enough to exit the cave and seek the end of the Games. It’s at the Cornucopia, where the Games began that they find their end. After Katniss kills the last remaining tribute, Peeta and her realize they have been tricked into thinking they could both live. Refusing to kill her, Peeta pleads Katniss that she kill him so she could live. Instead, Katniss devises a plan that consists of eating deadly poisonous Nightlock berries. Though before the berries touch their lips, it is announced that Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen are officially the winners of the 74th Hunger Games.

Mr. Mellark

Mr. Mellark is known throughout District 12 as a kind man with a unique appetite for the squirrels killed by Katniss and Gale. Peeta later reveals that Mr. Mellark, in a story much like his own, was head over heals for Mrs. Everdeen, but that she chose Katniss’ father because of his singing voice. Mr. Mellark was one of the few guests Katniss had before she boarded the train for the Capitol. While visiting, he promised Katniss he would make sure that Prim was well taken care of and fed in her absence.

Mrs. Mellark

The mother of Peeta Mellark and two other boys, Mrs. Mellark co-runs the District 12 bakery with her husband. Unlike her husband though, she is known to have quite the temper, and often turns to violence as punishment which most likely contributes to the ‘witch’ moniker she has acquired throughout the district. Sadly, she doesn’t believe Peeta has a chance of winning the 74th Hunger Games, but does give Katniss a fair shot at victory.

The Mellark Brothers

It is revealed that Peeta had two older brothers. Nothing is known about them other than one was too old to participate and volunteer for the Hunger Games in Peeta’s place, and that the other wouldn’t.

Gale Hawthorne

Losing his own father in the mining accident that claimed the life of Mr. Everdeen, Gale’s life trajectory resembles Katniss’ very closely. From a young age, Gale hunted illegally in the woods outside of District 12 where he became the main provider for his mother Hazelle, brothers Rory and Vick, and his sister Posy. One day while hunting, he crossed the path of Katniss, where he initially mishears her name as ‘Catnip.’

The two don’t get along right away, but with an increased desire to feed their families, they became increasingly closer, even going as far as to teach one another their unique skills. On the day of the reaping, Gale isn’t selected despite having his name entered 42 times, though he promises Katniss that he will keep her family well fed and cared for.

Madge Undersee

One of the more privileged civilians living in District 12, Madge is very well off being the daughter of the mayor. Despite being quiet, she has a very positive relationship with Katniss who realizes that Madge had been a very good friend to her, often sitting at the same lunch table during school. In the Justice Building before Katniss heads to the Capitol, Madge asks Katniss to wear her mockingjay pin as her official District token in the games. Katniss agrees to do so.

Mayor Undersee

Regarded very positively with the people of District 12, Mayor Undersee has the reputation of being fair and just. Known for a special liking for fresh strawberries, he often purchased them from Katniss and Gale. Among his duties are making an opening speech at the District 12 reaping, where he routinely recited the same story about the creation of Panem and the Hunger Games.

Greasy Sae

An older woman known mostly for her notorious soup concoctions, Greasy Sae works out of the Hob, the notorious black market of District 12. Often using ingredients such as mice and tree bark, Katniss and Gale make sure to stay on good terms with her as she can often be counted on to purchase any wild dog they kill while hunting.


Rooba is the only butcher in District 12, and someone Katniss and Gale rely on to butcher their kills. Above all however, it is known that Rooba refuses to barter, instead giving one price than can either be accepted or rejected. Rooba originally had the rights to the goat Lady, but allowed Katniss to buy the goat for her sister instead.

The Goat Man

Known as an old, impatient man with a cough only years from working in the mines could provide, the Goat Man as he is known is considered to be lucky enough to have purchased a herd of goats to keep him busy in his old age. When a pack of wild dogs attack one of his goats, he initially has a deal with Rooba, but ends up selling it to Katniss after Rooba feigns disgust at the condition of the goat.

Haymitch Abernathy

First introduced at the reaping, Haymitch makes himself the joke of Panem when he drunkenly fell off of the stage, an act many people in District 12 find humorous including Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. As the only living winner of a Hunger Games in the district, it is solely Haymitch’s job to mentor the tributes of District 12, a job that would normally feature two people. After another drunken outrage, Katniss and Peeta confront Haymitch about his less than idealistic personality, insisting that he help them.

Feeling that he has tributes who may actually have a chance this year, Haymitch promises to remain sober enough to help. It is Haymitch who encourages Katniss and Peeta to play up the ‘star-crossed lovers’ roles, as it may help their chances of enticing a sponsor to help them within the games. Haymitch is constantly coaching Katniss at how to act with Peeta to keep the ruse that they are in love working, insisting that he doesn’t need to train Peeta as he was already there.

When approached for advice within the Games, the only words Haymitch could offer were to stay alive, though he remained very intent that they both follow the strategies he mentioned previously. During the duration of the games, Haymitch is successful in acquiring multiple sponsor gifts, including burn cream and food, all of which prove to be essential in the survival of Katniss and Peeta.

Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket is the official escort for District 12, where it is among her jobs to select the tributes, and to escort them to the Capitol. After meeting Katniss and Peeta for the first time, she is encouraged by their respectful manners. Though does get annoyed when they laugh at Haymitch’s antics, reminding them that he may very much be the difference if they live or die. Within the Capitol, and the pre-Games festivities, Effie takes on the role of day planner.

She makes sure her tributes are on time, well behaved, and proper in their every movement. Despite getting annoyed at times, Effie becomes clearly upset the night before the Hunger Games were to begin, because she has grown to like Katniss and Peeta. Effie helps Haymitch secure sponsors for the district 12 tributes, and is beyond relived and excited when both come out of the Games alive.

Seneca Crane

As the Head Gamemaker of the 74th Hunger Games, it is under Seneca Crane’s supervision and approval that many of the created situations inside of the Games exist. The Gamemakers can control the weather, as well as create artificial fires and Muttations. It is the sole duty of Seneca Crane to ensure that the 74th Hunger Games are entertaining to those within the Capitol. The 74th Hunger Games marked the third year that Seneca Crane has been Head Gamemaker.

President Coriolanus Snow

As the President of Panem, Coriolanus Snow is the most power man in the country. At the end of the tribute chariot rides, the chariots arrive outside of the President’s mansion where Katniss describes him as a small, thin man with paper-white hair. After the Games, the Capitol is said to be furious at Katniss’ plan with the Nightlock berries, which is confirmed when President Snow presents Katniss with her half of the champion’s crown and his gaze is said to be as unforgiving as a snake’s.


The 74th annual Hunger Games marked the first time Cinna would be a stylist in the Hunger Games. Confident in his skills, Cinna requested to be the stylist for District 12 hoping to break the continuous trend of no one taking the district seriously. Cinna is described as looking normal, with his only hint of coming from the Capitol being his gold eyeliner.

During the tribute parade, Cinna, along with Peeta’s stylist Portia, made it their goal to help make Katniss and Peeta memorable, and they do just that as they create an elaborate design that literally sets the pair on fire earning Katniss her ‘Girl on Fire’ nickname. The theme remained during the interview with Caeser Flickerman as a dress was designed that appeared to engulf Katniss in flames while she twirled. Cinna acts as a close confidant for Katniss, mentioning that if he could he would bet that Katniss would win.


As Peeta’s personal stylist for the 74th Hunger Games. It is Portia’s responsibility to ensure Peeta comes off well to the Capitol audience. With help from the other District 12 stylist Cinna, Portia assists in the design of the stunning fire based outfits adorned by Katniss and Peeta throughout all of the pre-Game activities.

Flavius, Octavia, Venia

The three of them, Flavius, Octavia, and Venia round out Cinna’s prep team which focuses on the look of Katniss Everdeen. Unlike Cinna, the three prep team members are heavily involved within the trends of the Capitol, altering their looks to fit in. Flavius sports corkscrew styled orange hair, complete with purple lipstick, Octavia has pre-green dyed skin, and Venia has her face adorned with golden tattoos and aqua colored hair. Following Haymitch’s advice, Katniss remains silent and doesn’t complain as the prep team works on her, earning her the respect and admiration of the three prep team members.

Avox Girl

A suspected runaway from the Capitol, her capture was witnessed by Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne during one of their hunting excursions in District 12. Instead of intervening however, the two remained hidden, sure that the girl saw them. Katniss later makes mention that you don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope. While in the Capitol preparing for the Games, the same girl waited on Katniss, and was surprisingly very kind to her. Unknown at the time, the girl had become an Avox. As punishment for her desertion, her tongue was removed making her unable to speak.

Delly Cartwright

When Katniss mentions that she knows the Avox Girl during dinner, Peeta quickly covers up her mistake of revealing this by lying and saying that the girl was a dead ringer for Delly Cartwright, a girl from District 12. In all reality, the two girls look nothing alike.

Caesar Flickerman

Caesar Flickerman conducts all of the tribute interviews for the Hunger Games, a role he has held for over forty years. He is well known for switching the colors he adorns upon himself every year for interviewing the twenty-four tributes. For the 74th Hunger Games his hair, lips and eyelids were all powder blue. Showing a natural affinity for helping the tributes, Ceasar Flickerman oftens assists the tributes in what otherwise would be a disaster of an interview. He does exactly this for Katniss, as he often asks her questions that there were no wrong answers too, and encouraged her to twirl to show off the designed dress that Cinna created.

Claudius Templesmith

Blessed with a booming voice, Claudius Templesmith is the official voice within Hunger Games. Whenever an announcement is made throughout the arena, it is Cladius who does so. Such announcements made include the ability of tributes from the same district being able to win, the invitation of the remaining tributes to join a feast and gain something they needed desperately, and declaring the the winners of the 74th Hunger Games.


The female tribute from District 1, Glimmer was aligned with other career tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 4. She was the only tribute to have her personal district token confiscated after it was discovered that a poisoned spike was hidden within. When her alliance had Katniss trapped up a tree, Glimmer was attacked by the tracker jackers from the nest Katniss dropped on them. Along with the girl tribute from District 4, she was unable to get away and died during the attack. It was from Glimmer’s body that Katniss retrieved the only bow and arrow distributed within the Games.


As the boy tribute from District 1, Marvel aligned himself within the career pack alliance where he helped form a very formidable group of tributes. Present during the tracker jacker attack, Marvel was fortunate to get away with minimal injuries. While Katniss and Rue formed a plan to destroy the supplies of the career pack, Rue accidentally stumbles into a trap set by Marvel who kills her by launching a spear into her abdomen. Marvel quickly reaches his own end as Katniss fires an arrow into his neck. Marvel’s death marks the first kill Katniss intended to make.


As the largest and deadliest of all the tributes, Cato represented District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games. Like Katniss, Cato volunteered to have his place in the Games, fully believing he would win. Skilled in many weapons, Katniss rightfully declared Cato as her and Peeta’s biggest threat. After witnessing Peeta helping Katniss escape within the games, Cato delivers a near lethal injury to Peeta’s leg, causing Peeta to retreat.

As Katniss successfully destroyed the career packs supplies, Cato went into a fury which ended in him killing the boy tribute from District 3 in which he was aligned. On what would be the last day of the Games, only Cato, Katniss, and Peeta remained. After being chased by crazed wolf-like muttations, all three remaining tributes found themselves atop the Cornucopia.

While Katniss was preoccupied, Cato grabbed Peeta, holding him hostage resulting in a potential stalemate. Katniss fired an arrow at him anyway, resulting in him losing his balance, and falling into the waiting claws of the muttations below who terrorized and tortured Cato for hours. In an act of pity, Katniss fired one last arrow in his direction, killing him on the spot and allowing herself and Peeta to be victorious.


Known to be exceptionally skilled with a knife, Clove was not known to miss her targets when she took aim. Along with Cato, she rounded out the tributes from District 2, and was an integral part of the career pack alliance. Showing off her skills, Clove made the first kill of the Hunger Games during the bloodbath for supplies at the start of the Games when she threw a knife into the back of a District 9 tribute.

Most likely triggered from Katniss’ high training score, Clove carried a special dislike for her, and made a deal with Cato that she would make sure Katniss suffered if she were the one to kill her. She soon got her chance at the feast when she caught Katniss off guard and had her pinned to the ground. However, she was unable to torture Katniss as promised as at that moment she had her head pounded with a very large rock by Thresh, killing her on the spot.

District 3 Boy Tribute

Being exceptionally skilled in technology, the District 3 male tribute was able to execute a Hunger Games first, re-activating the land mines from the launch pads. It was this brilliant maneuver than led him to team up with the Career pack. When Katniss successfully sets off the mines, destroying all of the supplies the Career’s had gathered, the District 3 boy tribute is killed by Cato.


Fitting the nickname given to her by Katniss, Foxface remained nimble, quick, and elusive throughout the games. Because of her ability to remain out of sight and hidden, Katniss often had trouble remembering Foxface still remained in the Games. Foxface skillfully maneuvered herself around the mine field, stealing her supplies from the career pack, but only taking what she needed to survive to avoid suspicion.

Her ingenuity is further witnessed at the feast, when she outsmarted everyone by hiding within the Cornucopia and quickly escaping with her needed supplies. Later, remaining true to her scavenger ways, she steals berries Peeta was collecting. The berries end up being nightlock, a highly poisonous berry. She dies almost instantly.

District 8 Girl Tribute

On the first night of the Hunger Games, the District 8 girl tribute succumbed to the cold night weather, and foolishly starts a fire very close to where Katniss was camping for the night. It didn’t take long for the career pack alliance to find her, where Cato believed he killed her. When no sign of her death was given, Peeta seemingly went and finished her off.

District 9 Boy Tribute

At the bloodbath at the beginning of the Games, Katniss and the District 9 boy reach for a backpack at the same moment. In the time spent fighting over the backpack the District 9 boy is killed when Clove throws a knife into his back. This marks the first death of the 74th Hunger Games.


As the youngest and littlest tribute from District 11, Rue was often seen following around Katniss and Peeta during the training periods for the Hunger Games. Because of her stature and youth, Katniss finds a resemblance between her and her sister, Prim. As the career pack trapped Katniss up a tree, it’s Rue who points out the tracker jacker nest to Katniss. Rue proves to be very good at moving among the trees, being able to move along them silently and with ease.

After Katniss survives the Career tributes, her and Rue once again run into each and other and agree to form an alliance of their own. Rue mentions that is was Katniss’ mockingjay pin that convinced her Katniss could be trusted. While deviating a plan to disrupt the advantage the Career’s currently held over them, Rue agrees to set decoy fires around the area to confuse the tributes during the plan. To be safe, she teaches Katniss her four note tune that the birds would mimic to let Katniss know she is safe.

During the execution of the plan however, Rue runs into a trap set by District 1 tribute Marvel, who spears Rue through the abdomen, killing her. Near death, Katniss sings to Rue as she takes her last breaths. After adorning Rue’s body in brightly colored flowers, Katniss faces the cameras and offers her districts three-finger salute to the audience, usually given to a lost loved one.


Alongside Cato, Thresh appeared to be the largest physical thread in the 74th Hunger Games. His impressive stature didn’t go unnoticed either, as he was offered to join the career pack alliance before the games but rejected the offer. During the interviews with Caesar Flickerman, Thresh answered with single words despite being prompted to say more. Opting not to participate in the bloodbath at the beginning of the Games, Thresh headed straight for the enormous Wheat fields where he remained by himself, hidden for the majority of the Games.

During the feast, Thresh finally comes out of hiding only to overhear Clove boasting about the death of his fellow District 11 tribute, Rue. Not knowing better, Thresh believes it was Clove who killed Rue, and he gets his revenge by killing Clover with a large rock. After Katniss explains how she sang to Rue as she died, and covered her body with flowers Thresh allows Katniss to escape with her life repaying the debt he felt he owed her.

After taking his both, his and Cato’s supplies at the feast, Cato pursues Thresh into the wheat field where it is revealed that Thresh was killed soon after. Katniss reveals to Peeta that back home, out of the world of the arena, that Thresh was someone they very much would have been friends with.

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